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I am a nurse, lover of life, spazztastic dinosaur, explorer, adventurer, nerd (kinda), natural hippie attempter, optimist, postcard enthusiast, pen pal, missionary, exerciser, health conscious, tea addict who gets confused in life and loves living it.
Blogging is difficult.

Blogging is difficult.

I find writing down and blogging my ideas, thoughts, aspirations, crafts, creations, and just stuff challenging. Why? I don’t find my interests to be something someone else may be interested in.

My life is chaotic, full, and fulfilling. I like the things I do. I have bad and good days. I have things that stress me out and things that bring me joy. However, I just never believe my ideas are good enough to be shared.

I love using my Instagram account to share snapshots of my day, even into my realm of thought. Pictures with a statement, short and sweet sometimes but at other times they need more behind them.

The hubby set up this wonderful blog for me, helped me make it my own, and here I am wasting those efforts. Even if I am talking to nobody out there in the internet world, I should use it to help construct my thoughts.

Maybe instead of expecting myself to blog each day, which is WAY too much for me! I have a family, crocheting, knitting, gardening, exercise, dog stuffs, cleaning, nursing, cooking, adventuring, and so much stuff to be done (not to mention the fight with endo)! Also, therapeutic deep breathing to keep calm in between!! I don’t have time to blog each day, but maybe I can manage one or two a week. Let’s see. I’m very good at completing most of the tasks and hobbies in my life, but it always seems like blogging is never one of them. Oh well, there could be worse things to be bad at.


Testing the new iPad 

Testing the new iPad 

I am testing my keyboard attachment with the ipad to make sure i can blog from it when we are traveling….. it is slow and I type quicker than the letters show up on the screen but I think it will do . 

More later 

If I had a dandelion, I would make a wish.

If I had a dandelion, I would make a wish.


You know what I wish? Well, they may be simple, silly wishes but I have decided I have these few wishes that have been stewing in my brain for a few months.

1. I wish I was better at getting out of bed and ready in the morning. I sleep like the dead, so getting up in the morning is a terrible chore. I really want to be that person who is up at dawn and ready for the day in half an hour or less. Don’t get me wrong, usually I am up around 8 or 9 in the morning and get ready quite quickly. I do work evening shifts and don’t get home until after midnight. I am usually in bed and asleep by 1:30 or 2:00 am. But I really, really wish I could still get up at sunrise and get on with my day without being sleep deprived.

2. I wish I had more patience with myself. I like to think I am Type B, but sometimes I am so hard on myself and expect so much of myself I question that.

3. I wish I would make more time to write my thoughts, feelings, recipes, plans, ideas, gardening, projects, and many other things down. I need to put pen to paper and write down the things I have going on in my brain because I am so easily distracted I forget it within two minutes.

4. I wish I wasn’t so easily distracted. ….

Coming to terms with Endo

Coming to terms with Endo

Endometriosis, I have lived with this disease since I started my period. I have had endo pain since I can remember in my early teen years.

I made the mistake of thinking this was normal for women, you know, normal for pain during period and all that. It was terrible, ripping, stabbing, uncontrollable pain that would just wreak havoc on my body monthly and sometimes in between. People told me it was just cramps and you have to deal with as a woman.

When I was 19 these pains started happening more often in between my periods. Was that normal? I didn’t finally bring it up to my doctor until I was 21. My doctor told me it sounded like I was experiencing pain from something called Endometriosis. She did some scans, found growths once, but all the other times we found nothing. The negative tests were discouraging.

Fast forward….. I lived for six more years dealing with the increasing pain.

Last year in September I went in for surgery to get the growths removed. The doctor found…. A LOT and couldn’t believe I had let it go that long without getting it taken care of.

That being said, my pain has started to return and is taking a vengeance out on my body. I have never thought I would experience such pain from such a stupid part of my body, aside from the obvious child-birth pain women can experience.

I will continue with this topic at another time in the future.

Crochet Plant Cozies

Crochet Plant Cozies


That is the plant cozy I crocheted before we left for England. I made two not of the same pattern though. I was inspired by all sorts of cozies I found on, what else but, Pinterest. A lot of the pictures were cute so I decided to give it a try. It is simply covering the generic black pot you find on IKEA fake plants. I have a lot of plants around the house but I have a few fake plants here and there in the bathrooms to liven things up and I wanted to give them a colorful jacket 😉

I am pretty sure I did not follow a pattern. I kind of made it up as I went along and kept telling myself I needed to write down the pattern…. but guess what I didn’t do?? I didn’t write down the pattern. I suppose that will need to make another.

My next goal is to make one for my larger ornamental grass that I have by the bathtub 🙂 Oh and here is the other one I made, just a little different from the first. …. and a different pattern… kind of. Ok, enjoy! I love free handing crochet stuff and just getting creative.


Rattlesnake Ledge

Rattlesnake Ledge


That was where we started. That peak up there on the right is where we are heading to, the taller of the two peaks that is. Known as Rattlesnake Ledge. Apparently it is a popular hiking trail to Washingtonians but I didn’t know that till I researched it. IMG_7100


Tuesday night I told Mark we were going to do this. You should have seen his body language! He was not looking forward to it, apparently he didn’t have good experiences with the last hiking partners from what I gathered. I packed lunches for us (just simple sandwiches of course) and the next morning we headed out! Of course Jazzy came along 🙂


IMG_7190 IMG_7107


We hit a few spots that were quite icy and slippery but they didn’t last too long.


IMG_7116 IMG_7125 IMG_7128

After much trekking we finally made it to the top. At one point I was disliking my idea of this hike but I was still thoroughly enjoying it.


I was one happy girl to be up there! I picked a gorgeous day to do this hike for sure! So clear and crisp.


Here’s the family up top in our panoramic picture! IMG_7031

IMG_7038 IMG_7040


Our girl child brought her erasers of course! I encouraged her to though. IMG_7062 IMG_7152




IMG_7084 IMG_7090



Today was amazing! Jasper was EXHAUSTED at the end of it all and so were three of the four of us! I still had tons of energy and was ready to keep on trucking doing things. But that was ok. We had a lovely hike and I would recommend that to anyone who wants to hike up a small hill 😉



Took a walk down a regretful road.

Took a walk down a regretful road.

Today I was overcome with regrets. Overcome with the regret that I wish I could have been the person I am now 5 years ago. Five years ago I was just starting at Northwest University to finish all the prerequisites I had for nursing school. I wish I was who I am today then. I would have had a green house garden in my dorm room been a stricter vegetarian with stricter regulations for myself, I would have ignored dating boys for just a bit longer, I would have worked all my spare time at Starbucks and maybe even started working at PCC. I would have studied harder, crocheted more, embraced my hippie, and most of all… I would have believed in myself more.

I wish I could go back and tell that girl to just BELIEVE in herself. That who she is and wants to be is something she should never give up on. I wish I wasn’t such a stiff headed, pain-in-the-ass person sometimes to even be able to tell myself that.

I suppose we all reach this point, where we would like to go back with the knowledge and knowhow that we have now. I also realize, I had to go through all those things to be where I am now. I will never get rid of experiences who made me who I am.

To be honest, I didn’t make a lot of friends at University. I have one friend from there I still talk to on a regular basis and he means the world to me. But I wish I studied harder. I wish I would have been that person who had a green house in her dorm room, because honestly I had the BEST window to do so.

I wouldn’t have gotten married the first time around. I would have continued dating as my parents advised during that first year of nursing school, because honestly we would have broken up by then anyway.

I would have been able to get my first nursing job with a residency as opposed as at a skilled nursing facility.

However, if I did go back and redo all these things I wish I could have redone….. my life wouldn’t be the same.


But I would have had plants all warm with their COZIES!

Winter is coming!

Winter is coming!

Hello my few readers,

It was summer, I don’t necessarily like to SIT in the summer time and blog.

Life has been fine. I have been adjusting to a new position at work, new house, new dog, and new schedule. It has a been a little crazy! I am still cooking, gardening, cleaning, organizing, creating, and overall being me.

I’ve been cooking pot pies, shepherd’s pies, squashes, quiche, pizookies, breads, chili rellenos (let me tell you those were FUN to make!!), lots of curries and veggies. Goodness. I have been getting into crocheting with a vengeance! I’m so excited to be able to sit and crochet… for at least 5 seconds before I need to walk again.

Here are the chilis…. they were AMAZINGNESS in my mouth!!! YUMMY! I stuffed them with our butternut squash and black bean chili as opposed to just cheese! That’s too much dairy usually.

The library has had MANY amazing books and magazines on all the things I love… mainly the crocheting and cooking. I have been getting many many ideas. I have even been teaching the lovely Katie to crochet. Fun part of it is the fact I had to learn (very quickly and on the spot) how to crochet left-handed to teach her 🙂 She is quite studious as well.


Tomorrow I will be cooking twice baked spaghetti squash and meatless meatball for dinner. I hope to have a photogenic dinner and post the process. Hahahah. 🙂 Should be fun, the squash is cooking for 1x tonight. I’m also reheating our pot pies from earlier this week.

I am currently crocheting a blanket or two, a small pouch for crochet hooks, and a scarf or two.. Hahahaha. I am too ADD to have just one project I think. My goal is to complete all the things!


A Feast the Kids Will Remember

A Feast the Kids Will Remember

I don’t have many pictures of today, but we had a feast to remember today.

My mother is a huge gardener and today we devoured the fruits of her labors. She butchered her turkey named, Turkey.


She was tasty!

I am positive the kids LOVED it at Nana and Poppy’s house. They played croquet with the other kids and of course Poppy. There were a lot of conversations and stories to share. I learned a lot about a family friend I didn’t know! I was so glad to find out new things.

I think the most important part to me that sticks out, well there are two things.

1. My parents really know how to engage with kids. They are absolutely amazing with Katie and Matthew. The kids love them as well. Mom gave Katie one of her favourite necklaces that she has had since I was 9. Matthew received the pocket knife that my grandpa had given me when I was around 9 or 10.

2. I love Mark. My favourite part of today was when I was finally able to rest on my parents lounge and just sit behind Mark and hug him. *sigh* I realized I hadn’t hugged him all day basically and I MISSED him so much. At that moment I just relaxed and melted into him. Best part of the day.

We are now home, enjoying some movie time with the kids. This weekend has been a really good weekend with them. They are behaving, Matthew isn’t crying (he usually cries because he is afraid to leave our house), and Mark has been so loving this weekend. I’m having a great weekend so far.

Thank you for listening to my chatter. I am making Mark a fun dinner tomorrow. 🙂 Can’t wait.

Peppermint Extract

Peppermint Extract

Yesterday I had a very productive and busy day. I greatly enjoyed it! One of my little projects was making some peppermint extract 🙂 Next extract to make is gonna be lemon because I have a whole ton of lemons!! I also need to buy a couple more types of containers for these liquid concoctions. Anyway, onto the recipe/pictures.

Peppermint Extract

As you can tell, here are my instructions.


1/2 cup peppermint leaves
1 1/2 vodka (I used 80 proof)
1 jar of choosing


Harvest peppermint
Wash the leaves
Dry them with a towel
Place the leaves in your jar
Cover completely with vodka
Close your jar
Leave in cool, dark place for the next month (or for the taste of your choosing)

I have not gotten to these steps yet:
Strain out solids
Store the extract 

Here is the peppermint plant before I went to town on it… we have harvested from this one once before. The first time was when Matthew picked the leaves to make his ice cubes for his headache water.


Here is the after…. Apparently, peppermint loves it when you really prune them! They are also one of the hardier plants that will do ok during winter and come back the next year for more fun! Once harvested, it will grow back bushier than ever and we will be able to make more of whatever we want.


The bounty!!


So cute!



I used one of my little jars. I love these jars! They store my face washes, salad dressings, small snack, face masks, and now I am gonna do some extracts in them. I seriously need more of these things!

I filled the jar entirely with the peppermint leaves then covered it with vodka 🙂 After which I placed it in the pantry to chillax for a month.

There it is! Hiding away like a little hobbit for the next month 🙂 CAN’T WAIT!


I will let you know how it turns out and how I chose to store it and use the solid peppermint leaves 🙂 I was thinking it will come in handy for holiday time treats 🙂 Have a great day and have fun!