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Granny Square Blanket

Granny Square Blanket

See, scarf was my initial thought.

I have learned so much from doing this project. This project started because I wanted to learn how to make Granny Squares. I thought of making a scarf to begin with as it is a simple, beginner level project. I used Red Heart Yarn, and I had to continue using it. My colours are Aran, Dark Orchid, Teal, Jade, and Sky Blue.

The six ways I did my squares. I made 20 of each for a total of 120.

I kept making squares and decided to make it into a lap blanket because making “Granny Squares is fun!” (she said). I finished up some of the squares and somehow thought that making 120 squares would be an excellent idea. Ok, note, making 120 squares was not an excellent idea during the process of making them; however, now they are done, it was a fantastic idea!

I have finally attached them all together. This project has taken over 2 years to complete from first idea to final. I finally decided back in November of 2016 that I was going to get on with it and just get it done. Now, as of Friday (January 6th,2017) all of the squares are together. I had a marathon on Friday and attached 27 squares.

This was the diagonal pattern that I first tried out and didn’t like.

When decided how to do the orientation for my squares in a certain pattern I laid them out on the floor in front of the fire-place. This first picture here was my first idea of how to pattern them. It was in a simple diagonal patter. I didn’t really like it though. It made me feel like there was just more to the blanket. So I tried a different pattern for the squares. This one had the squares coming up to a point in the middle. The Husband had fun watching me shuffle around on the floor laying the blocks out, changing my mind, laying them out again, not liking it again and then changing my mind and piling them into their piles again. The final pattern is here.

This is the final pattern that I attached them together in.

This was my final idea. I liked it. I started in the bottom right corner there with that square and I started to attached them This project was an enjoyable project and I would say for any avid crocheter who is in love with Granny Squares to do a GS Blanket. The end result will be something you can be proud of for decades! I will post my method of craziness next time. This time I wanted to just blog about what I’ve done.

Til next time,


Lethargy, 21 days, birthday surprises.

Lethargy, 21 days, birthday surprises.

Well hello!!!

I have 21 days til Liberia. 🙂 I watched a video of driving around Monrovia last night and I just loved it! WWAAAAAHHH!! I get to be back there soon 🙂 So excited!!! Seriously, you have no idea! Unless you do have some of an idea how it feels to go back to a place you love so much!

Also, I found out yesterday that the divorce paperwork, though I sent it in late March/early April was filed on my birthday! Woah! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Hahaha, I didn’t realize how awesome my birthday was! Best birthday present, aside from the raspberry lemon cheesecake Brett got me and the fact my counterpart baby dino came over that morning and picked me up with my favorite yogurt and a pound of strawberries just for me 🙂 My birthday was a better day than I had already thought! That means I will officially be divorced on August 1st 🙂 I think some sort of celebration is needed on that day 🙂

My new roommate Chad and I are going to have such a fun relationship! The main reason for this is because both of us are so freakin nice! He doesn’t care where stuff is and I don’t care where stuff is. We are both really easy-going and laid back and both of us are CLEAN! I don’t care about much, just be a clean person dagnabit! Most annoying thing is living with someone who is dirty and doesn’t care about their surroundings. Get’s very annoying because I don’t like picking up after people.

Well I have a full day and must shower and get this day started! Did a lot of working out yesterday and today I nanny from 1 to 1030, such a full and busy day! I can’t wait :)” Tomorrow is going to be full as well, I think a person is going to buy my cubby hole bookshelf and my dresser  🙂


You deserve an update .

You deserve an update .

Hi everyone who reads about my life! I have been SUUUUUUPPPPEREEERRRR busy with school, like… crazy busy. You should see my homework list I have to finish all before tomorrow 🙁 It is gross. However, over the weekend I spent about 2 hours making me an inspiration board. I found a lot of things off Pinterest that really struck me as helpful in my endeavor to lose my post-anorexic weight, the healthy way. Not starving myself this time around you anorexic monster you!! TAKE THAT!

What I found to put on the board was quotes (just a few), exercise routines, some stuff to do when I want a study break such as little ab or leg work outs that don’t take long and make a perfect break time blood booster, some recipes for stuff to pamper myself like face masks and oil massages for my hair, and then I just decorated it with words of “why” I am doing this.  I also printed out a sheet of paper of 100 top healthy foods and have decided I am going to do my best to keep with those food sources. I need a schedule and I am excited to get out of my rut. I wasn’t doing too well, exercising 2 maybe 3 times a week, doing only elliptical… but now, I have a plan, I have ideas, and I am doing my best to keep myself motivated. I would really just like a friend to go do these things with. 🙁 Oh well, my friend will be me!

School is crazy, we basically have two weeks of finals and I am so excited to be done with them!


(a week later) Yes, I stopped writing this and now, a week later, I am finally finishing it off! But, there is a lot more of stuff to tell you all now!

1. I passed my first semester of my senior year of nursing school 🙂 I AM SO CLOSE TO GOING TO TOGO! In January it is a month of 13 credits… CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! 13 in three weeks! AH! But right after that, it is on to TOGO AFRICA!

3. I sent out over 30 postcards yesterday! OH MY GOODNESS! Two letters are done too!

4. Over the break I will be crocheting, organizing, and really trying to not go crazy. As well as going to the gym.

5. There may be relaxin in here but I am really not sure.

6. I found this new natural sleep aid, valerian root, hopefully it works

Ook, so I have TONS of postcards to scan in and load up to Letters From the World… however I may just scan my favourites in and load those up because I really don’t think I can load them all up.

I honestly just feel like being lazy the rest of tonight, sleeping…. mainly. I love sleeping.

Leave comments about what I should talk about next please 🙂 Thanks!

Simple days of being awesome

Simple days of being awesome

Hey everyone who reads this. Today I am sitting down at my usual Starbucks doing my Disaster Relief modules and my Saunders test. 🙂 I have Michael Bolton music in the background (don’t ask why)… I just do. I will be playing Star Wars in the background while doing these in a moment.

My community health rotation is coming to an end and to be frank, I am excited about this. I don’t really like it. I see how important it is, but I am not one to be finding a job in that field if I can help it. My next rotation is at Seattle Children’s. I am going to have fun there I do believe.

Last post was a video blog, and Kyle commented that I should make a Jayne hat from Firefly for my next crochet project. Here is a pic of it

With Jayne of course 🙂 I suppose I can work on this next. He looks ridiculous! Bahahahaha. I might have to make my hats more fluffy than they typically make beanies. I don’t like snug beanies. I have a fat head, so I like bigger fitting beanies. I do want to make some llamas as well.

that is just too cute 🙂 Plus, attach little hats on two of them and then you have… Llamas with Hats 🙂

Who would not want to have llamas with hats in their room? especially Carl 🙂

Ok, time for me to do my Saunder’s test and my Disaster relief stuff. Geez, being a disaster relief personnel sounds actually kinda fun. Like, I could do that. 🙂

🙂 I bit lots of holes in them! That’s the sound of people drowning Carl!! That is what forgiveness sounds like, screaming then silence.

Ok, What ideas do you have for me for crochet? Also, remember postcards! I will reply as soon as I have time! Check out

🙂 <3

Also, don’t forget the “Big, sexy hook.”

The image of ourselves.

The image of ourselves.

You know that each person sees themselves differently from the people around them. I think this is something we should all agree on. I see myself differently from how my friends see me. But I also have the idea of what I should look like to the people around me as well, that is not particularly where I am at in life yet.

For example. I think I’m fat, huge, bulbous. My friends don’t. This helps me get out of my box also. I keep reminding myself, that even though I think I’m fat, and I shouldn’t go do something, the people around me don’t necessarily see my like that. So why should I be afraid to do something where I think everyone is going to think, “Oh gross, look at that fat girl” when in reality this is not what MOST people are thinking. I generally don’t care what people think about me, or I at least try not to, but this is where it REALLY helps me flip what people  may be thinking to help inspire me to get out and do new things!

Another thing, I have this image of myself that I am a pretty normal person, and my friends think otherwise. I have also come to discover the fact I am pretty crafty. I like to do thinks like postcards and letters to friends.

I enjoy crocheting!! And I actually want to find a community crochet club to learn and be with people who like to do the same things as myself. But on the flip side, I really like going to the gym, doing work out classes, and being active.

Then another side of me REALLY enjoys the nerdy side of life. I like to listen to music from my favourite sci-fi’s. I enjoy watching reruns of Star Trek and Stargate. I like to play Munchkin with friends, and have nerd-nights with friends. I get super excited every time I watch the new Star Trek movie, anytime I see Transformers I have a surge of energy when Optimus Prime is whooping some Decepticon a$$.

Then there is this nursing side of me that I didn’t even know existed until I started nursing school. It’s crazy how I was, in fact, made to be a nurse. Anytime I am in the clinical setting I get such a sense of rightness, like I am supposed to do this the rest of my life. I also feel that I am good at nursing…. though I will ALWAYS tease I am not. 🙂 The human body is such a fascinating piece of art. My first major in school was studio arts, and I don’t believe there is a better work of art than the human body. Big or small, we all function pretty much the same. The physiology of the human is also something that just baffles me. There is so much we don’t understand about human function to this day! The constant discovering and learning is amazing. I can’t wait to be a nurse and work with tons of people all over the world.

I have been thinking about my future. About when I graduate. A lot of girls in my cohort have focuses they want to go into. I have decided I don’t want to focus on any one thing yet. I want to learn about all functions of the body before I settle on a focus. I have a feeling I am definitely going to be working medsurg as a float nurse or in the ER for many years of my life. And I feel that this is where I should be for a while. This broad base of knowledge will really help my career as a nurse in Africa too. I can’t close myself off in a box, otherwise I won’t be useful. I am not that person who can do just ONE thing though. But I can that person who can be really good at multiple things and if there is a need for someone who specializes in ONE thing, I know how to ask for assistance.

I guess this little piece was just a blog about me and how I see myself. Oh well.  🙁 Sorry if it was lame! Enjoy, I must get to doing homework again.

Sometimes I just hate….

Sometimes I just hate….

The way I look in pictures. Blagh! Today has been one of those typical “girl” days where I just feel like poopy. I feel poopy about  my accomplishments, myself, and my life. Today, I hate the way I look. I hate how chubby I am (I have already explained the history as to why I am this way), and sometimes I just want to filet the fat right off my body with a knife! (expressing feelings here people, not really going to do this) I work out, but I could probably do to work out more. I am in nursing school, and it’s hella hard, but it can always be worse. I’m just having a really hard time finding energy, motivation, and the gung-ho as I always have in these situations in life. Right now I personally just want to curl up and sleep for days. I need an escape (I’m saying it the way Dori from Finding Nemo says it) from this mundane, super packed, really boring, unorganized thing I have recently been calling life. I want something fun in life, this is just too………… lame. I don’t know what it is going to take to get me back into this whole school thing, maybe I have just been at it too long, but I am too close to bail out and quit right now. And that’s really not my personality type anyway, I’m not a quitter. I will finish with long strides til the bitter end. I’m just having a really poopy time getting myself to feel pretty, wonderful, and amazing. Maybe I really am not these things in reality, but I need to “feel” like it once in a while… damn, I know my face can be pretty awesome, but I don’t feel it right now.

I haven’t talked to Harris is a couple of weeks, I miss him. I really hope he is doing ok. It’s the rainy season and he dropped his phone in a puddle! Thus, I have not been able to call and he has not been able to call either. I really do hope he is doing ok, and that when the construction on the school is over he is able to get going.

Alright, I  have to finish my homework for tomorrow. PPPpppphhhhhhhhhhttttttttbbbbbbbbbb …. I wish I had friends to just go and hang out with and talk to… get in trouble, do crazy things… like ride the bus and get lost in Seattle. I’m having a really hard time growing up I suppose, which can be a good thing, but it can also be a bad thing when nobody else around you wants to do the same things you do. I hope this weekend I can hang out with Leigh and do some fun stuff up in Bellingham as well as get lots of homework done. 🙂

Hope you guys are feeling better motivationally than I am. Below is a picture that captures how I’m feeling.

I want to cut lose and shake my Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrump

I want to cut lose and shake my Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrump

So, here it goes. I’m thinkin of not getting on Facebook for a while. 🙁 I said this in a previous post, but this time… today… I’m doing it. I’m going to log myself out on my phone and my compy and only get on once a week on Saturday or Sunday. I’m getting tired of how much time it is sucking away from my school work and how distracted I am by it. Yes, I like being able to talk to people on Facebook, but it is taking up too much of my study time. I need to get rid of it and use my time more wisely. Yes, my blog will still update to Facebook and I am ok with that! I love blogging and I feel like it is more accurate as to what is going on in my life as opposed to the single little sentence on Facebook.

I am also excited to gym it out later! WOOO!! I love the gym 🙂 Alright, time to get lots of homework done. Especially for tomorrow 🙁 I have three things to turn in… I think two are done, just have one more little baby assessment to get done.

When the pen(pin) falls…

When the pen(pin) falls…

You should not be able to hear it when the professor is talking. I am sitting in class right now and the professor is super quiet! It is very hard to hear what she is saying. Because of this, I don’t want to listen because my brain keeps wandering away towards other things, like Postcrossing. I am so excited to go check my mailbox today! Later, I have my OB class, I’m actually excited to take notes during class and work on my study guide. Also, that professor speaks clearly and I can hear her! That is very important! I am going to be sending out five posts today, I sent out a penpal letter yesterday, and hopefully will receive some posts!

Yes, post cards and letters, oh the joy. I love reading what people have written me and I love seeing the pictures people send!

This year, I’m in the back of class. I like it back here. It’s nicer, can’t hear professors, but I feel that I can wiggle/squirm more. I can also do more of my notes like I do because I do a lot of spreading out all over the desk and floor… and there aren’t a ton of people behind me.

I want coffee *runs to grab an americano*

Ok, BACK TO CLASS! Tonight is a gym class that is pilates/yoga… I’m thinking of going! Should be fun! It is at 730.

Harris and I talked yesterday, I am going to call him over lunch time and hopefully talk to him. I am calling him a little late, but hopefully that is ok with him 🙁 I feel bad, but I will let him know that I was not feeling well last night and crashed. Talked with him yesterday about quite a bit actually. He asked how often I eat, always an odd topic because I know he eats about once a day. I usually eat 2 times a day, so still once more than him… and my food is most likely more well-balanced with nutrition or whatnot. Although, often times it’s rice with some other thing. Or noodles.

I have been missing the friendships I made in Liberia. The hanging out with the friends til the later hours of the night, being with people who all have the same mission and want to get to know each other because we live with each other. Also, just the Liberians wanting to know us. I miss those friendships. The amount of time I get to talk with Harris is never near enough. I also miss Mary Ann quite a bit. Just everyone, all the kids especially, I miss them.

Time to pay attention to the rest of class now 🙂 I got coffee, I should have some spunk to my awakefulness now.