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Stressful “Sundays”

Stressful “Sundays”

Today is my Sunday. I love being productive, active, and industrious. I do not like the typical “Lazy Sunday” that most people seem to greatly enjoy. They stress me out. Take today for example. My to do list looks like this:

-Dog walk–>also take him to park to throw the ball.
-Make tomato sauce
-Adulting stuffs (bills and scheduling things)
-Donuts and a game
-Tea soak and take a bath
-Make Apple pie
-Make Chicken and Leek pie
(which also means I have to make homemade pastry— more below about that)
-Blog Post
-Eat dinner
-Work on crochet project
-Make lunches for work the next few days.
and as always, the after dinner dog walk — no matter the weather.

And guess what?! Aside from eating the dinner and the “To-Do’s” beyond that point…. I’ve done it all! The donuts were impromptu — but enjoyable.

I love being productive. I love having tasks and things to do …. I don’t like aimless days, today was my perfect “Sunday”.

Now, pastry crust. You see, the first time I made homemade pastry crust it was a disaster. Absolute bloody disaster. I was not good at it. The proportions kept being off and just wrong! I threw a tantrum, I hated it, and hubby had to bring me wine. Eventually we used cheater pastry. Hubby kept letting me know I wasn’t a failure and that I was just learning (*sigh* I am really hard on myself). However, that didn’t stop me from trying again….. over and over and over. Tonight, guess what, first attempt I got it. There was no mucking about. It came out perfectly the first time. Maybe I just didn’t overthink it this time.

With that said, my pies are just about done in the oven. Hubby and I get to enjoy them, take our walk, I will then make my lunch and finish up my laundry, then we will sit down and watch Gotham or DarkMatter and I will work on my crochet project.


Blogging is difficult.

Blogging is difficult.

I find writing down and blogging my ideas, thoughts, aspirations, crafts, creations, and just stuff challenging. Why? I don’t find my interests to be something someone else may be interested in.

My life is chaotic, full, and fulfilling. I like the things I do. I have bad and good days. I have things that stress me out and things that bring me joy. However, I just never believe my ideas are good enough to be shared.

I love using my Instagram account to share snapshots of my day, even into my realm of thought. Pictures with a statement, short and sweet sometimes but at other times they need more behind them.

The hubby set up this wonderful blog for me, helped me make it my own, and here I am wasting those efforts. Even if I am talking to nobody out there in the internet world, I should use it to help construct my thoughts.

Maybe instead of expecting myself to blog each day, which is WAY too much for me! I have a family, crocheting, knitting, gardening, exercise, dog stuffs, cleaning, nursing, cooking, adventuring, and so much stuff to be done (not to mention the fight with endo)! Also, therapeutic deep breathing to keep calm in between!! I don’t have time to blog each day, but maybe I can manage one or two a week. Let’s see. I’m very good at completing most of the tasks and hobbies in my life, but it always seems like blogging is never one of them. Oh well, there could be worse things to be bad at.


Testing the new iPad 

Testing the new iPad 

I am testing my keyboard attachment with the ipad to make sure i can blog from it when we are traveling….. it is slow and I type quicker than the letters show up on the screen but I think it will do . 

More later 

Winter is coming!

Winter is coming!

Hello my few readers,

It was summer, I don’t necessarily like to SIT in the summer time and blog.

Life has been fine. I have been adjusting to a new position at work, new house, new dog, and new schedule. It has a been a little crazy! I am still cooking, gardening, cleaning, organizing, creating, and overall being me.

I’ve been cooking pot pies, shepherd’s pies, squashes, quiche, pizookies, breads, chili rellenos (let me tell you those were FUN to make!!), lots of curries and veggies. Goodness. I have been getting into crocheting with a vengeance! I’m so excited to be able to sit and crochet… for at least 5 seconds before I need to walk again.

Here are the chilis…. they were AMAZINGNESS in my mouth!!! YUMMY! I stuffed them with our butternut squash and black bean chili as opposed to just cheese! That’s too much dairy usually.

The library has had MANY amazing books and magazines on all the things I love… mainly the crocheting and cooking. I have been getting many many ideas. I have even been teaching the lovely Katie to crochet. Fun part of it is the fact I had to learn (very quickly and on the spot) how to crochet left-handed to teach her 🙂 She is quite studious as well.


Tomorrow I will be cooking twice baked spaghetti squash and meatless meatball for dinner. I hope to have a photogenic dinner and post the process. Hahahah. 🙂 Should be fun, the squash is cooking for 1x tonight. I’m also reheating our pot pies from earlier this week.

I am currently crocheting a blanket or two, a small pouch for crochet hooks, and a scarf or two.. Hahahaha. I am too ADD to have just one project I think. My goal is to complete all the things!


A Feast the Kids Will Remember

A Feast the Kids Will Remember

I don’t have many pictures of today, but we had a feast to remember today.

My mother is a huge gardener and today we devoured the fruits of her labors. She butchered her turkey named, Turkey.


She was tasty!

I am positive the kids LOVED it at Nana and Poppy’s house. They played croquet with the other kids and of course Poppy. There were a lot of conversations and stories to share. I learned a lot about a family friend I didn’t know! I was so glad to find out new things.

I think the most important part to me that sticks out, well there are two things.

1. My parents really know how to engage with kids. They are absolutely amazing with Katie and Matthew. The kids love them as well. Mom gave Katie one of her favourite necklaces that she has had since I was 9. Matthew received the pocket knife that my grandpa had given me when I was around 9 or 10.

2. I love Mark. My favourite part of today was when I was finally able to rest on my parents lounge and just sit behind Mark and hug him. *sigh* I realized I hadn’t hugged him all day basically and I MISSED him so much. At that moment I just relaxed and melted into him. Best part of the day.

We are now home, enjoying some movie time with the kids. This weekend has been a really good weekend with them. They are behaving, Matthew isn’t crying (he usually cries because he is afraid to leave our house), and Mark has been so loving this weekend. I’m having a great weekend so far.

Thank you for listening to my chatter. I am making Mark a fun dinner tomorrow. 🙂 Can’t wait.



I discovered PCC.


Just stop and go ….. “Uh oh, Keshia discovered another land of loverly home fresh veggies and fruits with LOTS of lovely items in bulk shelves.”

Anyway, they had the most gorgeous mushrooms. SO I decided to make mushroom and barley soup 🙂


I’m using Trader Joe’s mirepoix, some barley (probably 1/2 cup), just al little over one pound of mushrooms, butter (because it is of the Gods), dill weed (which I found in bulk at PCC and it smelled amazing!!), Parsley, and of course veggie or chicken broth maybe 6 to 8 cups. Not sure yet. I’m actually typing this as I am melting some butter to start putting all my mushrooms in to cook.

Alright, so what I did was !!!!

Put the mirepoix and mushrooms slices into the butter and sauté tip the veggies are brown, I suppose this takes 20ish minutes.




I added my dried barley to this mix half way through.


Then add some spices, like dill and parsley 🙂 Maybe a dash of basil!

Keep stirring tip the veggies are nice and soft and brownish (not that burnt brown).


Then add 2 tablespoons of flour as a thickening agent.


I made a half chicken/veggie stock. Add this gradually. I did two cups at a time. and let it boil then stirred it more. I didn’t want to lose flavor so I let it boil up slowly and just watched it.


During all this cooking I had presents to wrap….  no pictures of that, it was a non-photogenic disaster!! However, dinner is almost done, I am finding jars to fit the lovely bulk items I purchased at PCC today.. dill weed, lavender, ascorbic acid powder, baking soda (ONLY 99cents a pound!! Thats my face wash!!) chia seeds, and maybe something else?

My friend Jasmina gave me some jars so I must be putting them to use 🙂 Also, I am pairing Apothic Dark red wine with dinner this evening with fresh rolls 🙂 YAY!  Picture up soon of completed dinner. I am so impatient for the rolls to be done already!!



All done 🙂 and dished up 🙂



Spiru-tein in Chocolate

Spiru-tein in Chocolate


Well, here I am trying another protein powder thing. This one actually has a palpable flavor and doesn’t taste like I’m chewing on raw beans and such. I have to have plant protein shakes given the whey gives me horrid breakouts and such from general protein shakes.

This one mixes well, still some chunks but at least they are tasty chunks. Hahahahaha…

It has 97 kcal with 14 grams protein. Adding it to almond milk outs it up to 177 kcals. There is no fat and only 7 grams of sugar. Also it has a TON of vitamins and minerals wrapped it. Lots of them at 100%. I am impressed with flavor and what it offers. I’m thinking a chocolate banana blended one next time though. Or vanilla strawberry 🙂 yummmmersss!!!

This is also inspiring me to so a spiraling facemask!!! So of course I am going to!!

After I get some cornbread going for my tomato butternut squash soup I put in the crockpot last night 🙂 it is creamy and delicious!! I can’t wait to eat it all up!! I will have to post pictures of that. I need to add some spinach to the finished product once served into bowls 🙂

Disappointment …

Disappointment …

Recently, I have been exhausted. I’m quite frustrated with how tired I aways seem to be. I haven’t been able to do all the things I generally like to. My time is consumed by work, sleep, chores. I have to leave for work at 2 start at 3 get done around 1130ish and am home after midnight. I tend to have a pretty healthy sleep routine of coming home, having tea, and then sleeping. 

But I am not able to get up and do what I used to. I quite enjoy doing my gym routine, facemask, doing errands and the little other things I enjoy before heading out to work. However, what is happening is I am just wiped. I’m thinking I am going to have to force myself to just GO for even 30 minutes on the freaking elliptical and just MAKE a routine… force the ROUTINE again. 

I am also going to the doctor to make sure it is just the exhaustion from work stress or whatnot. I don’t want it to be another issue I could just solve with supplements or something. Hahahah, that would just be silly to work against something that is dragging me down with the wrong tools.

Anyway, I have started crocheting again. Did that a while ago before the crazy happened in my life two years ago. Woah, can’t believe all that has happened since two years ago. Anyway, glad I am doing things I love, gonna keep learning nursing stuff, and just keep moving forward. 

Weirdest patient interaction

Weirdest patient interaction

When I think back on the last five months of nursing, my most awkward moment was when a patient asked me for a hug. Literally, she put the call light on, the NAC answered, came and told me the patient needed the nurse, I went into the patient’s room and asked what she needed…. her response, “A hug”. 

I blankly stared…  not knowing what to do ( yes, the logical thing to do is hug her). I’m not really a hugger of strangers and though I had been working with her for 8 days now, she is still a stranger. 

But I hugged her. 


And felt super awkward for thirty minutes after. 

Trying something new… soy protein powder.

Trying something new… soy protein powder.

Trying something new...

Today at Trader Joe’s I broke down and just bought the HUGE container of soy protein powder. I have been looking for a while for something to help boost protein, but I just think all protein supplement things are NASTY and weird and gross and the texture is just HORRID!! BLEEGGGCCCKKK!!! I usually buy those single use packets of the non-dairy protein powder first before trying the WHOLE thing. That’s why it was hard to buy the whole thing… I didn’t know what its texture was going to be like.

The honey jar has nothing to do with the shake other than I shake my shakes in the honey jar. I reuse old jars as much as I can. If they prove they can be useful within the month of saving them, then I save them.

So, now my gym routine will consist of a protein shake and we shall see if there is anything help in it. Bwahahahahaha. Anyway have fun guys. I need to shower and get moving. Work again today. Day two of four. 🙂 After today I will be halfway through my week! YAY!!

I have been sending Cindy videos and postcards. Getting back into my letters and things. 🙂