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Teriyaki, Digestives, and Frigid Weather

Teriyaki, Digestives, and Frigid Weather

Over the weekend I made teriyaki and some homemade digestives. I was happy with all the results. I was nervous about making teriyaki. How the heck was I going to achieve the flavor Mark and I love about teriyaki without coming short. I’ve used teriyaki sauces before, they were disappointing compared to what you get at all the teriyaki places here. I don’t know why. Maybe they use the same thing, but since it comes in the take-out boxes from the shop it seems to taste special. 

I did use a jar of Kona Pineapple Teriyaki Sauce, but I spiced it up a bit with a few extra ingredients. Once I added those and tasted it, I knew I hit the jackpot with it. I left the chicken marinating for about three days in the teriyaki marinade, that was unintentional, but ended up being wonderful. I also found a recipe that is VERY close to my very favorite dressing from the simple little salad they always seem to serve as a side. When I first had teriyaki when we moved to Seattle I thought the simple salad was a funny little side, then I tasted that plain-looking dressing and LOVED it and typically had the teriyaki for the salad. I found the dressing recipe by Mom’s Dish called China Coast Salad Dressing. Next time I make it, I will not use as much sesame seed oil and honesty, will most likely start with none and see how that tastes. Not a bad start though on a path to find the perfect sauce/dressing to pair with that simple teriyaki salad.

My next mission this last weekend was to try making homemade digestives. You see, they are something my husband loves. I’m not talking a small infatuation here, I’m talking full on obsession. They are the reason he gets out of the bed in the mornings, braves the cold morning air in the hallway and kitchen, put water in the kettle, and makes us tea. He does all that just because he knows he has a biscuit tin in the tea cupboard that contains his dark chocolate digestives. He literally gets up to have one every morning. So I made some of my own. I used King Arthur recipe I found as a starter recipe. I then added some chocolate to the top once they had cooled and BAM they were finished. I was surprised with how easy and simple they actually were to make.

Well, that’s all for now. The weekend was cold and dreary. I slept a lot more than I am proud of but I know I needed it. I cooked a bit, crocheted a bit, explored a bit, and then started my Monday back off at work for a bit. I worked Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It is now Wednesday evening and I have more to prepare for our Christmas Celebrations. I’m excited to do some cooking the next two days! But mostly I’m excited to rest. My endo has been flaring up and it has been wiping me out.

Til next time.

Crochet Temperature Blanket

Crochet Temperature Blanket

This coming year, 2017, I have decided to crochet a temperature blanket.img_7794 I missed this bandwagon last year and didn’t hear about a temperature blanket until October this year, but I am beyond excited to start mine and finish mine next year. A lot of people I follow on Instagram in my crocheting/knitting community are still working on a Temperature Blanket, and I was inspired by them. My favourite has been Olivesandpickles and her projects. She has given me some great tips and has directed me to other people with other ideas. Some of the people I have found have gotten behind, had to place their’s on hold due to life, and are on track to finish theirs at the end of this month. But overall I love ALL of their results. As a person who has had a blanket in the works for the last three years, I get life getting in the way of things.

img_7798It started last weekend (though I had been thinking of it for three months). After thinking and prepping myself in my head, I finally got started on my plan. I had a lot of fun laying out the yarn, organizing the colour scheme of the yarn, and choosing the shades of yarn. A lot of the yarn actually comes from my stash, and I only had to buy a few skeins to fill in the gaps.

After laying out the yarn on the floor and being satisfied with the way the colours flowed, I snipped a bit of each color and taimg_7802ped them into my journal. This is the journal I will be keeping for the entire blanket. I used Crochet Crowd’s yarn thermometer PDF; I didn’t use the same yarn as is on their’s, temperature gauge, or colour ideas. I broke up the shades more for my Pacific Northwest area weather. It should be interesting to see how it grows and changes through the year.
The point of the Temperature Blanket is to use the temperature from the same time each day and crochet a row of the corresponding yarn for that temperature. I already have my yarn and colours picked out. I have my temperatures planned. January 1st, I start my chain and first row honestly. I’m excited to start. In preparation, I have been really busy working on my Granny Square Blanket.

Here’s my plan, in case you want to copy it or use it as a plan. If you read this and like it please add/tag me on Instagram (@keeks.wanderer) img_7981and follow my progress. I will update as I go, letting any readers know my successes and setbacks with the blanket.

I hope the best for you in your projects and coming year. I felt that having this blanket as a year long project would encourage me to blog more as well as have a goal. Another goal I have for next year is to garden more. This year my endo has really set me back in my gardening and it has been very frustrating for me. This next year will be a challenge. Also, I am going to challenge myself to write a blog on my path with endo, It has been an interesting one as of late.

Til next time,






Rattlesnake Ledge

Rattlesnake Ledge


That was where we started. That peak up there on the right is where we are heading to, the taller of the two peaks that is. Known as Rattlesnake Ledge. Apparently it is a popular hiking trail to Washingtonians but I didn’t know that till I researched it. IMG_7100


Tuesday night I told Mark we were going to do this. You should have seen his body language! He was not looking forward to it, apparently he didn’t have good experiences with the last hiking partners from what I gathered. I packed lunches for us (just simple sandwiches of course) and the next morning we headed out! Of course Jazzy came along 🙂


IMG_7190 IMG_7107


We hit a few spots that were quite icy and slippery but they didn’t last too long.


IMG_7116 IMG_7125 IMG_7128

After much trekking we finally made it to the top. At one point I was disliking my idea of this hike but I was still thoroughly enjoying it.


I was one happy girl to be up there! I picked a gorgeous day to do this hike for sure! So clear and crisp.


Here’s the family up top in our panoramic picture! IMG_7031

IMG_7038 IMG_7040


Our girl child brought her erasers of course! I encouraged her to though. IMG_7062 IMG_7152




IMG_7084 IMG_7090



Today was amazing! Jasper was EXHAUSTED at the end of it all and so were three of the four of us! I still had tons of energy and was ready to keep on trucking doing things. But that was ok. We had a lovely hike and I would recommend that to anyone who wants to hike up a small hill 😉



Took a walk down a regretful road.

Took a walk down a regretful road.

Today I was overcome with regrets. Overcome with the regret that I wish I could have been the person I am now 5 years ago. Five years ago I was just starting at Northwest University to finish all the prerequisites I had for nursing school. I wish I was who I am today then. I would have had a green house garden in my dorm room been a stricter vegetarian with stricter regulations for myself, I would have ignored dating boys for just a bit longer, I would have worked all my spare time at Starbucks and maybe even started working at PCC. I would have studied harder, crocheted more, embraced my hippie, and most of all… I would have believed in myself more.

I wish I could go back and tell that girl to just BELIEVE in herself. That who she is and wants to be is something she should never give up on. I wish I wasn’t such a stiff headed, pain-in-the-ass person sometimes to even be able to tell myself that.

I suppose we all reach this point, where we would like to go back with the knowledge and knowhow that we have now. I also realize, I had to go through all those things to be where I am now. I will never get rid of experiences who made me who I am.

To be honest, I didn’t make a lot of friends at University. I have one friend from there I still talk to on a regular basis and he means the world to me. But I wish I studied harder. I wish I would have been that person who had a green house in her dorm room, because honestly I had the BEST window to do so.

I wouldn’t have gotten married the first time around. I would have continued dating as my parents advised during that first year of nursing school, because honestly we would have broken up by then anyway.

I would have been able to get my first nursing job with a residency as opposed as at a skilled nursing facility.

However, if I did go back and redo all these things I wish I could have redone….. my life wouldn’t be the same.


But I would have had plants all warm with their COZIES!




Oh goodness! Mark proposed Saturday evening. He had his original plan foiled! He was going to take me up into a seaplane around Seattle and propose once we were done or something silly like that!! But LAKE UNION WAS FROZEN OVER. For Saturday and Sunday they said. Oh goodness.

He planned to take me out to a VERY lovely dinner to El Gaucho in Bellevue. I chose an amazing swordfish steak and he had filet mignon. Our sides were steamed broccoli and crimini and shiitake mushroom risotto. He chose an amazing wine pairing for our dinner, best wine I have tasted yet!

What I didn’t know was Mark had all the staff who were caring for us involved. He proposed by coming over to my side of the table (HE HAD THE SERVER MOVE THE PEOPLE NEXT TO ME), getting on one knee, and then asked me something along the lines of “Will you do me the honor of being my wife?” ( I had to ask him to repeat it again cause I didn’t at first catch what he said…. I was in shock) He was shaking his hands off. He had the ring custom-made from a jeweler on Etsy named Joe. Joe was very excited about Mark’s proposal so I am hoping Mark filled him in. I would also at some point like to spam Joe on my blog because seriously…. he did an amazing job on my ring.  Hahahaha, Mark told me about this when he finally was able to unload all the stress he had built up from this little ring. He didn’t know if it was the right colour, shape, if I would even like it…. HE CHOSE WONDERFULLY…. but him being him he went off to crazy land and over analyzed it all over again and again!

Of course I said “Yes” and may have even ALMOST shed a tear. He had so many ideas such as Paris, Germany, Hawaii, planes, helicopters, Victoria, and so many that just didn’t work with this weekend. We have decided that when we honeymoon we will go to some of these places 🙂 Like Paris! And Germany! Also visit his family in England. He proposed the way he  knew would work best for both of us this weekend. Have a quiet weekend with a nice dinner…. very. nice. dinner.

Anyway, life event I didn’t see coming so soon but am completely happy with the man who has chosen me because I have chosen him as well.

Proposal night.

He inspires me to be a better person, to always keep trying, he supports me on days I am just down and trodden over from life, his love clearly gushes out of him for me, I haven’t met someone I am as comfortable with as I am him. I love him. When I’m not being logical, he just understands and loves anyway. He lets me figure out my problems in my head without getting upset with me. He treats me with utmost respect. We can have silly dance parties in the kitchen together while cooking. He doesn’t complain about our vegetarian diet, the fact we do have to go to the gym, the fact I do not want to drink and party and am completely happy watching a show while enjoying a cup of tea with him. He supports me in being me and discovering me. He is missing the tears that I have right now because I am thinking about how wonderful he has been.

Also, we look super cute together 😛

Apparently now I have to plan an engagement party or some weird stuff like that 😛 Also, we haven’t set a date yet. I need time to plan. 😛

Don’t take your friends for granted.

Don’t take your friends for granted.

End of story.

I am living alone right now and it has been hard because I love people. However, I do enjoy not living with Tyler. I have been able to have more friends over now that he is no longer here. I have had movie  nights with my nursing cohort girls, friends over to watch movies, and tonight I am doing a game night with friends. I am a loner and only child…. but I need you guys. You are my friends. Sometimes just having someone close to do homework with is all I need. Just a person to sit in the house, work on homework at my desk or with me at the table, and just be.

I think everyday we should take time out for friends, but I have loved having game and movie nights with you guys.

So, don’t forget to hug a friend today. When things go bad, don’t ditch your friends. They are humans and have feelings. Friends will stick together through thick and thin. I often wish I could have  “How I Met Your Mother” friendships, or even a life that is portrayed on “Parenthood”. However, this is the actual real life, but I love how “Parenthood” makes the emotions and scenarios so realistic to what real people can go through. People go through some tough (pardon) shit together. However, when that stuff hits the fan, friends don’t bail. A friend will stick with you, make sure you’re ok, and love you through and through. Sure friends will need time to heal, but don’t abandon your friends. Don’t hold grudges. Let the past be the past and move on and correct things. We have one life to live, don’t waste it by being mad, upset, and grouchy with one another. Remember to respect your friends, serve them, help them, love them for who they are, and be someone you would want to be a friend with. We all have our issues, our flaws, our weaknesses, but friends will love us no matter the demons we deal with.

I am a hard person to be a friend with. I have walls/boundaries that are super hard to get through. I have huge concrete barriers topped with barbed wire, broken glass, water, and electricity….. however, there are hidden doors that I open for people to come in and see what a beautiful garden I have in those walls. I am the human secret garden 😛 However, I’m honest. I won’t lie to  you and I will treat you with the respect you deserve… I also won’t abandon you or leave you. I will do my best to remain friends.


Also, today was another snow day!!! SUCH A FUN DAY TOO! We took a walk.. I love walks in the snow (even though it can kill me!!).  More later, friends are coming over for games…. and I have a paper to work on.

Week one Down, two more to go.

Week one Down, two more to go.

Well, this was the first week of my last semester of nursing school!!! We have so much to get done in the next 19 days! Then, WE ARE OFF TO AFRICA! Well, I am along with three other classmates while the rest go to other parts of the world for their semester abroad 🙂 I have a lot to get done this weekend, so thank God it is a three-day weekend! Hahaha, I want to get a good start on a huge paper we have, then I have to do a portion of our strategic plan paper for our group project as well as start on some curriculum, read chapters and pages for miscellaneous classes, and whatever else gets thrown my way.

Last night a few of the girls came over for a movie! WOO! We watched Spirited Away! I loved it!! We also make Asian food 🙂 Rebecca brought fixings for spring rolls, I made up brown rice as well as chocolate chip cookie dough ( I know, so Asian), and then ShinHye brought the Japanese curry! It was such a good meal 🙂 It was also great company 🙂 We are going to do another movie night this upcoming Friday, either pizza, pasta or burritos!! WOOO! Such a great idea, I should have started this last semester.

I have been having a lot of nightmares recently… seriously, horrible waking nightmares, I am surprised my neighbors have not called cops or something because I have been waking up screaming. I don’t know whats going on. I haven’t relived anything, and I haven’t been watching scary movies. Sheesh. Oh well, I will have to deal with it as it comes.

I have worked out everyday this week! I started doing DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) with hand weights! Makes it so much fun and my arms are hurting while I am supposed to be dancing, so that distracts me from my steps… so I have to challenge myself a little more to focus and ignore the pain! Hahaha, I have loved it. I have also been doing a mile everyday on a treadmill and when I am doing a gym workout, 3 miles on the elliptical. 🙂 I love being this active, it  has been helping my face out a ton by keeping it clear from a lot of acne 🙂 I also need to decrease my chocolate intake… but I love my nightly little chocolate square! Maybe just every other day I can  have it.

I have to send out 6 postcards for a trade with someone who gave me a lot of stationary! Gorgeous stationary too. I am just having difficulties picking out some postcards for her. I don’t know what she wants! I will figure it out though, I really need to get those sent out this week. I am excited for the post office to start releasing new stamps with their new increase on posts. I understand why they have to raise prices, sucks, but at least we can get some new cute stamps!! Hahaha, I like to little my cards with stamps of different styles. I also enjoy buying stamps off ebay because they are the old licky stamps… so fun!

Alright, gotta get back to homework. Oh, and it snowed today, but it has all basically melted now 🙂


Last day at Falls Church

Last day at Falls Church

So, tomorrow I go back to Kirkland, Washington. Right now I am finishing off sending out some of my trip’s postcards while watching Trigun. The anime geek inside me is squeeeeling with joy 🙂 It has been far too long since I have enjoyed me some anime. Yes, I can only watch it for so long til I want to rip my ears off the temporal lobes of my skull, but I still enjoy it while it lasts 🙂 I have 15 cards to send out today, I may not write much on them.

Went to our apartment complex’s gym today, and man those treadmills beat up my feet, knees, and shins. The ones at 24HourFitness have some give in them so it is not so hard on your joints and such. I can’t wait to get back to my gym 🙂 I may do my gym in the mornings now though. It is crazy. However, getting up at 5 and working out will be good for me. I like to get up early before classes anyway and start my day by having some time to get ready. Getting up early will just help me.

I love Starbucks people. I have had three guys give me lingering glances, then I realized my cleavage is definitely showing. Hello boobskin!

Also, I’m not sure I’m fully ready for school this semester. I will do fine. This is my last semester, I am going to rock it. I passed last semester with FLYING colours! I can’t believe how well I ended up doing! Hahaha. I need to find some way to be disciplined over this next semester and really hunker down and do some great work in my schooling… but apparently what I am doing is perfectly fine.

Guess what! This month, I’m off to Togo Africa!! WOOO! OK, let me take some pics of the post cards and upload it to Letters From the World blog 🙂

Alright, leave comments, enjoy!