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Crochet for days!

Crochet for days!

HOOORAY! This is CROCHET FOR DAYS! Because we did this Mood Scarf for 31 days! KitKat and I finished our Mood Scarf, ok ok – we are 85% done. We have to crochet the border on it, she needs to sew in ends, and then wash and block! How exciting! It only took us close to three months since that is the amount of time she is with us in those three months! As we were finishing up the scarf yesterday, for our last day, she was already asking to do ANOTHER project! What the heck?! ALREADY?! Let’s finish this one first — Looks over to the five projects I have in the works at this very moment. Oh dear, she watches me too well doesn’t she?


Anyway, cool things I liked about doing the Mood Scarf.

  1. I got to do a project with KitKat (step-daughter of awesomeness).
  2. It encouraged both of us to really dig into what mood we were feeling that day – in its own way it was a mindfulness journey.
  3. We both ended on the same color/mood we started our scarves on.

I would tell anyone, ANYONE, who is into crochet or knitting to do a mood scarf of their very own if they are looking for a project. I really enjoyed it. It is a quick (I mean a month-long project but it really doesn’t take very long to do each day), the results are fun and fabulous, and you really have to be honest with yourself.

What do I plan on doing with the left over yarn from the Mood Scarf project? I plan on finishing my other projects first, is what I would say if my hubby asked me that question. But since I asked for you cause you’re curious, I’m gonna make a ripple picnic blanket with it and some other yarn from my stash! HAH! Just don’t tell the husband.

The Days are all crocheted on and are as long as the kitchen island!
Just me goofily wearing my scarf. It is very big!
KitKat showing how tall hers is on the second to last day we had left to crochet.










Here was our layout for your viewing pleasure and maybe project inspiration.

Keek’s and KitKat’s Mindfulness Mood Scarf

Our Moods and colours

  • Adventurous/Excited – Purple
  • Happy – Orange
  • Calm/Relaxed/Peaceful/Content – Sky Blue
  • Average/Neutral/Med – Green
  • Bored – Brown
  • Sad/Hopeless – Dark Blue
  • Unsettled/Mixed emotion – Yellow
  • Stressed/Overwhelmed/Frustrated – Black
  • Fear/Uncertainty – Grey
  • Angry/Upset/Irritated – Red

Our Method:

  • Materials
    • Crochet hook – 5.5mm (I/9)US
    • Yarn – 1 Skien of each color should be fine (we used Red Heart Super Saver, wash it with fabric softener and it softens up nicely)
    • Moods/Feelings/Emotions
  • Pattern
    • Moss stitch
      • chain 26 +1
      • Row 1 – skin 1ch from end, *sl st into next ch, hdc, rep from * turn
      • Row 2 – ch1, *sl st, hdc, rep from * to end
      • Repeat row 2 throughout scarf

I had a lot of the yarn already in my stash from other projects, but KitKat and I purchased four more skeins at the beginning because we wanted a lot more emotion options added. I have seen other plans that only have found colours, but we felt that there needed to be a broader range of choices. Having done that, I am glad we did. The reason I have more than one emotion for each colour is because sometimes those emotions all seem to go hand in hand for me.

I hope this helps and inspires you, because that’s why I do these things.

Til next time,


January Temperature Blanket

January Temperature Blanket

OK! January on the Temperature Blanket is completed! It stretches across our kitchen island and is currently six inches tall (the growing side).

Well, January is done!! Wow, already one month down of this year and onto the next. January, in parts, flew by and in other parts seemed to just drag on. Concerning work, the hospital is super full this month so work has been crazy, busy, and awful. We have a few nurses out due to injury and our floor is just overburdened at the moment, and as usual it seems in healthcare, we are understaffed.

Well, onto the temperature blanket, this picture is the 31 days done! It is looking pretty good so far. I’m excited to see how it turns out. The colors are much more vivid in person. That has really helped in the colour changes and keeping it fun and interesting.  There is one green row in there, the bright one, that’s when it hit above 53degrees.


Winter is coming!

Winter is coming!

Hello my few readers,

It was summer, I don’t necessarily like to SIT in the summer time and blog.

Life has been fine. I have been adjusting to a new position at work, new house, new dog, and new schedule. It has a been a little crazy! I am still cooking, gardening, cleaning, organizing, creating, and overall being me.

I’ve been cooking pot pies, shepherd’s pies, squashes, quiche, pizookies, breads, chili rellenos (let me tell you those were FUN to make!!), lots of curries and veggies. Goodness. I have been getting into crocheting with a vengeance! I’m so excited to be able to sit and crochet… for at least 5 seconds before I need to walk again.

Here are the chilis…. they were AMAZINGNESS in my mouth!!! YUMMY! I stuffed them with our butternut squash and black bean chili as opposed to just cheese! That’s too much dairy usually.

The library has had MANY amazing books and magazines on all the things I love… mainly the crocheting and cooking. I have been getting many many ideas. I have even been teaching the lovely Katie to crochet. Fun part of it is the fact I had to learn (very quickly and on the spot) how to crochet left-handed to teach her 🙂 She is quite studious as well.


Tomorrow I will be cooking twice baked spaghetti squash and meatless meatball for dinner. I hope to have a photogenic dinner and post the process. Hahahah. 🙂 Should be fun, the squash is cooking for 1x tonight. I’m also reheating our pot pies from earlier this week.

I am currently crocheting a blanket or two, a small pouch for crochet hooks, and a scarf or two.. Hahahaha. I am too ADD to have just one project I think. My goal is to complete all the things!


You deserve an update .

You deserve an update .

Hi everyone who reads about my life! I have been SUUUUUUPPPPEREEERRRR busy with school, like… crazy busy. You should see my homework list I have to finish all before tomorrow 🙁 It is gross. However, over the weekend I spent about 2 hours making me an inspiration board. I found a lot of things off Pinterest that really struck me as helpful in my endeavor to lose my post-anorexic weight, the healthy way. Not starving myself this time around you anorexic monster you!! TAKE THAT!

What I found to put on the board was quotes (just a few), exercise routines, some stuff to do when I want a study break such as little ab or leg work outs that don’t take long and make a perfect break time blood booster, some recipes for stuff to pamper myself like face masks and oil massages for my hair, and then I just decorated it with words of “why” I am doing this.  I also printed out a sheet of paper of 100 top healthy foods and have decided I am going to do my best to keep with those food sources. I need a schedule and I am excited to get out of my rut. I wasn’t doing too well, exercising 2 maybe 3 times a week, doing only elliptical… but now, I have a plan, I have ideas, and I am doing my best to keep myself motivated. I would really just like a friend to go do these things with. 🙁 Oh well, my friend will be me!

School is crazy, we basically have two weeks of finals and I am so excited to be done with them!


(a week later) Yes, I stopped writing this and now, a week later, I am finally finishing it off! But, there is a lot more of stuff to tell you all now!

1. I passed my first semester of my senior year of nursing school 🙂 I AM SO CLOSE TO GOING TO TOGO! In January it is a month of 13 credits… CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! 13 in three weeks! AH! But right after that, it is on to TOGO AFRICA!

3. I sent out over 30 postcards yesterday! OH MY GOODNESS! Two letters are done too!

4. Over the break I will be crocheting, organizing, and really trying to not go crazy. As well as going to the gym.

5. There may be relaxin in here but I am really not sure.

6. I found this new natural sleep aid, valerian root, hopefully it works

Ook, so I have TONS of postcards to scan in and load up to Letters From the World… however I may just scan my favourites in and load those up because I really don’t think I can load them all up.

I honestly just feel like being lazy the rest of tonight, sleeping…. mainly. I love sleeping.

Leave comments about what I should talk about next please 🙂 Thanks!