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Margarita Chicken

Margarita Chicken

This whole week began with me asking my hubby what he wanted for dinners this week. He simply replied with “Mexican”. Therefore, I spent the next couple hours searching for more traditional dishes than the ones I usually make. I grew up for a good portion of my life in New Mexico and worked in a Mexican restaurant as my first legitimate job (I was a newspaper girl before that). Working around the spices and living amongst the Tex-Mex food definitely left a lasting impression. My family now loves our Christmas enchiladas at Christmas time and the different New Mexican dishes I cook throughout the year.

Living in New Mexico definitely changed my food preferences for the better. Hot and spicy food is a staple in our household, no matter the ethnicity. For the last few months I have been toying with the idea of trying different ethnic cooking each month. The plan for that hasn’t really come around, as I haven’t made one; however, it does seem that it is just gonna happen as it happens.

My Husband teases he married me because I know how to cook, and for my spicy red enchiladas with their homemade sauce and homemade everything else. He teases he married me based on my creativity and ability in the kitchen…. not gonna lie, it really isn’t a bad reason.

Having someone who has very supportive with my passions has been so instrumental in encouraging me to continue cooking new, creative dishes. He never complains about any type of dish I make and is excited for all of the meals I cook. It is wonderful being with someone who supports and isn’t critical of me trying new things.

Ok, on to the point of this post. The Margarita Chicken was delicious, tasty, tender, and a great start to our Mexican meal filled week.

This dish is focused on the lime and tequila flavor, so you won’t find a lot of extra spices added. Paired with the turmeric rice and the beer beans this Street Taco Dinner did not disappoint. It is easy to make and prepare since we are using a crock pot. The rice and beans only take about 20 to 30 minutes to finish making it is a perfect weeknight meal.

So here we go, Mexican week started with Margarita chicken tacos.

Margarita Crock Pot Chicken

Servings: 8-10/Prep: 20minutes/Cook:6+hour


4 – 6 Chicken breasts

5 Limes (for juicing)

1 Lime (for zesting and slicing)

1 Orange

1 Onion (red/yellow)

2 Jalapeños

½ – ¾ cup Dark Tequila

1tsp. Cumin

1tsp. Chili Powder


Start by Juicing all your 5 limes and your one orange.

Zest your 1 lime and slice it into a few slices.

Mince up the Jalapeno and onion.

Layer the onion on the bottom of your crock pot.

Place the chicken on the onion.

Put the Cumin and Chili powder on top of that.

Add all your juice from the limes and orange, as well as the tequila at this point.

Turn your crock pot on low and let the chicken cook for at least 6 hours. 

After it cooked, take the chicken out, put it in a separate bowl, and shred it.

Pour the liquid from the chicken into a pan on the stove, add some honey, reduce it down and thicken it with Arrowroot Powder (or your preferred way to thicken things).

Add the chicken to this and mixed it up. I found the liquid too runny, this is why I thickened it.

Serving Suggestion

To complete your meal, top the tacos with guacamole, cojito cheese, and purple cabbage on white corn soft taco shells.

Pair with turmeric rice and beer beans.

Til next time!


Teriyaki, Digestives, and Frigid Weather

Teriyaki, Digestives, and Frigid Weather

Over the weekend I made teriyaki and some homemade digestives. I was happy with all the results. I was nervous about making teriyaki. How the heck was I going to achieve the flavor Mark and I love about teriyaki without coming short. I’ve used teriyaki sauces before, they were disappointing compared to what you get at all the teriyaki places here. I don’t know why. Maybe they use the same thing, but since it comes in the take-out boxes from the shop it seems to taste special. 

I did use a jar of Kona Pineapple Teriyaki Sauce, but I spiced it up a bit with a few extra ingredients. Once I added those and tasted it, I knew I hit the jackpot with it. I left the chicken marinating for about three days in the teriyaki marinade, that was unintentional, but ended up being wonderful. I also found a recipe that is VERY close to my very favorite dressing from the simple little salad they always seem to serve as a side. When I first had teriyaki when we moved to Seattle I thought the simple salad was a funny little side, then I tasted that plain-looking dressing and LOVED it and typically had the teriyaki for the salad. I found the dressing recipe by Mom’s Dish called China Coast Salad Dressing. Next time I make it, I will not use as much sesame seed oil and honesty, will most likely start with none and see how that tastes. Not a bad start though on a path to find the perfect sauce/dressing to pair with that simple teriyaki salad.

My next mission this last weekend was to try making homemade digestives. You see, they are something my husband loves. I’m not talking a small infatuation here, I’m talking full on obsession. They are the reason he gets out of the bed in the mornings, braves the cold morning air in the hallway and kitchen, put water in the kettle, and makes us tea. He does all that just because he knows he has a biscuit tin in the tea cupboard that contains his dark chocolate digestives. He literally gets up to have one every morning. So I made some of my own. I used King Arthur recipe I found as a starter recipe. I then added some chocolate to the top once they had cooled and BAM they were finished. I was surprised with how easy and simple they actually were to make.

Well, that’s all for now. The weekend was cold and dreary. I slept a lot more than I am proud of but I know I needed it. I cooked a bit, crocheted a bit, explored a bit, and then started my Monday back off at work for a bit. I worked Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It is now Wednesday evening and I have more to prepare for our Christmas Celebrations. I’m excited to do some cooking the next two days! But mostly I’m excited to rest. My endo has been flaring up and it has been wiping me out.

Til next time.



I discovered PCC.


Just stop and go ….. “Uh oh, Keshia discovered another land of loverly home fresh veggies and fruits with LOTS of lovely items in bulk shelves.”

Anyway, they had the most gorgeous mushrooms. SO I decided to make mushroom and barley soup 🙂


I’m using Trader Joe’s mirepoix, some barley (probably 1/2 cup), just al little over one pound of mushrooms, butter (because it is of the Gods), dill weed (which I found in bulk at PCC and it smelled amazing!!), Parsley, and of course veggie or chicken broth maybe 6 to 8 cups. Not sure yet. I’m actually typing this as I am melting some butter to start putting all my mushrooms in to cook.

Alright, so what I did was !!!!

Put the mirepoix and mushrooms slices into the butter and sauté tip the veggies are brown, I suppose this takes 20ish minutes.




I added my dried barley to this mix half way through.


Then add some spices, like dill and parsley 🙂 Maybe a dash of basil!

Keep stirring tip the veggies are nice and soft and brownish (not that burnt brown).


Then add 2 tablespoons of flour as a thickening agent.


I made a half chicken/veggie stock. Add this gradually. I did two cups at a time. and let it boil then stirred it more. I didn’t want to lose flavor so I let it boil up slowly and just watched it.


During all this cooking I had presents to wrap….  no pictures of that, it was a non-photogenic disaster!! However, dinner is almost done, I am finding jars to fit the lovely bulk items I purchased at PCC today.. dill weed, lavender, ascorbic acid powder, baking soda (ONLY 99cents a pound!! Thats my face wash!!) chia seeds, and maybe something else?

My friend Jasmina gave me some jars so I must be putting them to use 🙂 Also, I am pairing Apothic Dark red wine with dinner this evening with fresh rolls 🙂 YAY!  Picture up soon of completed dinner. I am so impatient for the rolls to be done already!!



All done 🙂 and dished up 🙂





Last night I fixed Katsu for the first time. Wasn’t too hard to do. I fixed Mark turkey since they were the smallest meat fillets I could find anTrader Joes. I fixed myself tofu. This accompanied Japanese curry which I added about an extra tablespoon of curry to, and of course some delicious white rice 🙂 . My only complaint is the popping grease!! I’m terrified of popping grease since my burton my arm when I was in third grade. Oh well, Mark swooped in and saved the day with his grease shield!


Looks pretty yummy!! This is the turkey, I forgot to photograph the tofu one!

PIcture from long ago….

PIcture from long ago….

PIcture from long ago....

This was when I just got that little bundle of crazy…. best decision of my life was adopting this abandoned kitten into my home. She is currently sleeping right next to me as I write this… purring away.

Today was a good day. I got a lot done. I even made meatballs, spaghetti, and yummy garlic bread for  dinner 🙂 I like cooking …. but I like cooking best for other people. It is so depressing to cook for one. However, I don’t like eating meat so I at least tried them and know they were good.

Sleep time. I am going bed shopping tomorrow. I am looking for something in the full size category with a simple frame. We will see what I can find. Maybe I will just get a mattress than make a frame with pallets 🙂