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Teriyaki, Digestives, and Frigid Weather

Teriyaki, Digestives, and Frigid Weather

Over the weekend I made teriyaki and some homemade digestives. I was happy with all the results. I was nervous about making teriyaki. How the heck was I going to achieve the flavor Mark and I love about teriyaki without coming short. I’ve used teriyaki sauces before, they were disappointing compared to what you get at all the teriyaki places here. I don’t know why. Maybe they use the same thing, but since it comes in the take-out boxes from the shop it seems to taste special. 

I did use a jar of Kona Pineapple Teriyaki Sauce, but I spiced it up a bit with a few extra ingredients. Once I added those and tasted it, I knew I hit the jackpot with it. I left the chicken marinating for about three days in the teriyaki marinade, that was unintentional, but ended up being wonderful. I also found a recipe that is VERY close to my very favorite dressing from the simple little salad they always seem to serve as a side. When I first had teriyaki when we moved to Seattle I thought the simple salad was a funny little side, then I tasted that plain-looking dressing and LOVED it and typically had the teriyaki for the salad. I found the dressing recipe by Mom’s Dish called China Coast Salad Dressing. Next time I make it, I will not use as much sesame seed oil and honesty, will most likely start with none and see how that tastes. Not a bad start though on a path to find the perfect sauce/dressing to pair with that simple teriyaki salad.

My next mission this last weekend was to try making homemade digestives. You see, they are something my husband loves. I’m not talking a small infatuation here, I’m talking full on obsession. They are the reason he gets out of the bed in the mornings, braves the cold morning air in the hallway and kitchen, put water in the kettle, and makes us tea. He does all that just because he knows he has a biscuit tin in the tea cupboard that contains his dark chocolate digestives. He literally gets up to have one every morning. So I made some of my own. I used King Arthur recipe I found as a starter recipe. I then added some chocolate to the top once they had cooled and BAM they were finished. I was surprised with how easy and simple they actually were to make.

Well, that’s all for now. The weekend was cold and dreary. I slept a lot more than I am proud of but I know I needed it. I cooked a bit, crocheted a bit, explored a bit, and then started my Monday back off at work for a bit. I worked Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It is now Wednesday evening and I have more to prepare for our Christmas Celebrations. I’m excited to do some cooking the next two days! But mostly I’m excited to rest. My endo has been flaring up and it has been wiping me out.

Til next time.

Completed Bath Bombs :)

Completed Bath Bombs :)

I have a quick update! I completed the bath bombs!!! Stored them safely and last night used one 🙂



I had two types, the coloured ones and the white ones. Both are made with lavender and bergamot. I found out a missing ingredient though…. corn starch! Add 1 part corn starch to my previous blog post on Homemade Bath Bombs.






They aren’t necessarily the prettiest, yet, but here is one 🙂 I did add some lavender flower to the tops. Soon I will have my own lavender to add!!



First Attempt at homemade Beefless Beef

First Attempt at homemade Beefless Beef


Alright, so tonight I attempted to make homemade beefless beef. I love the Trader Joe’s brand of it, but I always seem to need it when I’m out. I keep TVP in the pantry at all times and most of the beefless beef have TVP as the main ingredient. When I am at the stores I tend to scan all the ingredient lists and sometimes I am just grossed out, so I don’t buy them (Note to self: make list of all non-meat meat I hate and like).






Beefless Beef: 
1cup TVP

7/8cup of hot water

2tbsp dried onion

1tsp of garlic powder

1tbsp soy sauce

2tbsp worcestershire sauce

splashes of oregano

– once I made up the TVP and then added all the ingredients I then added a mixture of guar gum to thicken the mixture and added 2tbsp of nutritional yeast to help it out. Honestly, the premix tastes pretty good considering. I placed it into a ziploc and threw it in the freezer. Mark and I will try it out sometime this week with enchiladas or something.


🙂 First attempt down, will update on how it actually tasted.

Some of the ingredients 🙂


Ok, so I know it doesn’t look appetizing at this stage. Just imagine it mixed into sauce! Or as meatballs!


Homemade Bath Bombs

Homemade Bath Bombs

Yesterday I finally purchased my citric acid for making bath bombs. I have been pinning and pinning and pinning ideas for bath bombs and I finally did it.

Overall here is the recipe for both batches

2 Parts Baking soda
1part citric acid
1part epsom salt
1part corn starch
2.5 tbsp oil (I used grape seed)
1tsp – 2tsp your choosing of essential oil
Water (I used a spray bottle that I usually terrorize my cats with)

Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl, then mix all wet ingredients in another little bowl.
With a whisk, mix the wet into the dry – if it starts fizzing you’re pouring too fast.
The consistency should be that of wet sand, easy to mold and pack.

Pack them into the molds of your choosing and let them stay in there for 10 minutes. ( I did this the second time around and it worked a lot better than the first time)

Attempt #1

My first bombs were made for relaxation! For the oils I used lavender, bergamot, and rose water for 1tsp.


Here is my set up…. a bit messy.


Here are my oils and rose water choice!

IMG_2748Here is the easter eggs that I put them in, I placed some lavender into the eggs first.


Packed them with the mix….


Here’s the eggs! Just chillin.


Well, frankly, they fell apart. So when they fell apart I just turned them into Relax Bath Fizz!!


Attempt #2: 

This time I did some of the same things. I used tangerine, grapefruit, sweet orange, and some bergamot. This time I did NOT use the easter eggs. I simply used a cupcake pan! I left them in for 10 minutes and then tapped them out. Worked A LOT better.




AND WE HAVE SUCCESS!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! If at first you do not succeed, try try again!



Mornings, kids, plants, glories, gardening, dogs…. Oh the busy-ness of life!

Mornings, kids, plants, glories, gardening, dogs…. Oh the busy-ness of life!

Oh goodness! Where to even start! We MOVED! YAY! Last week we moved to our new house and it is a lovely house! We moved to be closer to Mark’s kids and also to have a very house of our own. The children LOVE the house!! So exciting! They had a lot of fun moving and packing while we were doing so the week they were with us. I had a lot of fun teaching them things and hanging out with them as well 🙂

Morning Glories: I planted some Morning Glories to put along our rock wall (see it in the window in the below picture) in the back garden. Well, I only planted them on June 26th and look what we have today!!


WOAH! They really sprung up there! I am going to replant them with some sticks to start vining up tomorrow or the next couple days. The kids watched me plant them and helped; they are going to be so excited to see them all grown!

Katie’s Birthday: Katie had a wonderful birthday before her birthday!! Her dad got her a new bike for the new house!! She loved it! We also had Nana and Poppy over for dinner on Sunday night where we treated them to our traditional Sunday dinner of sausage roll (vegetarian of course!) and veggies. Do not forget Katie’s favourite part though, the SWEET CHILI SAUCE! That girl loved it. My parent’s I think liked it too! Nana gave Katie some lovely outfits for her to wear here, and boy did she look all grown up! I can’t believe how much she has developed into a lovely girl in just this last year! She is just simply gorgeous already. She must have got her dad’s looks!  🙂


This was from our walk the evening we were fully moved in 🙂

My Man and Our Dog:  (just pictures of my lovely man of a Man and our dog)

IMG_2331 IMG_2349

Tortillas: What do you do when you don’t have tortillas at home and you don’t want to take the quick trip to the store to buy some? MAKE THEM!!! (yea yea, I know it took me 1.25 hours, but it was TOTALLY worth it!


Tonight’s dinner was COMPLETELY homemade enchiladas 🙂 Sauce and all! We used lentils for protein, insides were made up of eggplant, mushrooms and yellow pepper, all the while being placed in those delicious homemade tortillas 🙂 It was worth the effort for sure! I absolutely love my gas stove top and oven! I had all four burners going at once! Mark was most impressed.

(this is my ugly shirt, I like my ugly shirt)
Castor Oil and Clove Oil:
I have chosen a new oil to try out and that is Clove oil. I add a new one from time to time to try them out. Clove is good for scars and skin care in general. I have also added castor oil into my regimen! I placed some mixed with clove oil on my face this evening and will be sleeping with it on. Honestly, castor oil doesn’t feel like I have oil on my face as olive oil and even my best friend, coconut oil, does. Also, I love the clove smell 🙂 Now that I have added clove to my collection, I am able to make up a great headache mix for Matthew to use while he is here. It will go along perfectly with his sleeping “potion” I made him and Katie.

Some pictures 🙂 


Mark and I enjoyed some lovely, homemade strawberry daiquiri on our first REALLY hot day! 
IMG_2301 IMG_2304
Here is some pictures of the kids! Katie getting her bike, them laughing and giggling maniacally. They laugh so much when they are with us, I know it feels me with joy to hear their laughter.
IMG_2272 IMG_2265
IMG_2256 IMG_2255
Matther and Mark worked hard at getting our outdoor seating assembled the first night 🙂
Kids playing in the yard with the dog 🙂
IMG_2185 IMG_2183
Here was the view tonight! No filter! Just an iPhone 🙂 Lovely sky!!!
Finally, I wanted to show you my two other things I am growing… the first one is Sage and Rosemary. apparently they are really challenging to grow and take a long time to germinate, so there is nothing to see but dirt. The second picture is my chamomile and lavender! All the chamomile have sprung up and one of the lavender 🙂 Just waiting!
IMG_2322 IMG_2321


Enjoy my overly long post!



I discovered PCC.


Just stop and go ….. “Uh oh, Keshia discovered another land of loverly home fresh veggies and fruits with LOTS of lovely items in bulk shelves.”

Anyway, they had the most gorgeous mushrooms. SO I decided to make mushroom and barley soup 🙂


I’m using Trader Joe’s mirepoix, some barley (probably 1/2 cup), just al little over one pound of mushrooms, butter (because it is of the Gods), dill weed (which I found in bulk at PCC and it smelled amazing!!), Parsley, and of course veggie or chicken broth maybe 6 to 8 cups. Not sure yet. I’m actually typing this as I am melting some butter to start putting all my mushrooms in to cook.

Alright, so what I did was !!!!

Put the mirepoix and mushrooms slices into the butter and sauté tip the veggies are brown, I suppose this takes 20ish minutes.




I added my dried barley to this mix half way through.


Then add some spices, like dill and parsley 🙂 Maybe a dash of basil!

Keep stirring tip the veggies are nice and soft and brownish (not that burnt brown).


Then add 2 tablespoons of flour as a thickening agent.


I made a half chicken/veggie stock. Add this gradually. I did two cups at a time. and let it boil then stirred it more. I didn’t want to lose flavor so I let it boil up slowly and just watched it.


During all this cooking I had presents to wrap….  no pictures of that, it was a non-photogenic disaster!! However, dinner is almost done, I am finding jars to fit the lovely bulk items I purchased at PCC today.. dill weed, lavender, ascorbic acid powder, baking soda (ONLY 99cents a pound!! Thats my face wash!!) chia seeds, and maybe something else?

My friend Jasmina gave me some jars so I must be putting them to use 🙂 Also, I am pairing Apothic Dark red wine with dinner this evening with fresh rolls 🙂 YAY!  Picture up soon of completed dinner. I am so impatient for the rolls to be done already!!



All done 🙂 and dished up 🙂



Face Masks, body scrubs, and general life.

Face Masks, body scrubs, and general life.

Well today I knew I needed to do a body scrub and a face mask so I did! I did the usual Aztec face mask. I warned people before that it makes your face red after, so this time I took sequential pictures to show you!

IMG_0153 IMG_0158


So in the first picture, as you can easily tell, that is when I just lathered the Aztec Clay Mask on. The other two photos I’m honestly trying to move my face, but the mask makes it incredibly impossible to get much movement at all from your face! I also wanted to show the cracking it does when it is dry or basically dry.

That last picture is my face red from the mask. This only lasts about half an hour, so it isn’t all that bad unless you are in a rush to get out and about.  A lot of suggestions have said do this mask at night because of this effect it has on your face. I don’t really bother with it.



I made my usual body scrub of coconut oil, raw sugar, and some baking soda then threw in a teaspoon of rose water and six capsules that I popped open of this Evening Primrose oil. Needless to say my skin was super soft afterwards and will be for a few days. I generally do a sugar+oil scrub two to three times a week. My favourite is my coffee scrub which I was short on yesterday so I had to throw this one together.

Anyway, time for me to go run errands, actually finish laundry, and then get my butt to work. I work four full shifts in a row this week. Tuesday to Friday. It is odd for our schedules in eve shift honestly. I tend to get three or four full shifts a week, but then a four hour day as well due to low census. Oh well. Shower time!

Avocado Mash for hair.

Avocado Mash for hair.

Avocado Mash for hair. Coconut oil, avocado, and a wee bit of baking soda apparently make a good conditioner … Leave it on your hair/scalp for about 15 to 20 minutes. Well, I did this and I have to say…. It was weird…. Even after blended up everything as smooth as I could get it, there were still chunks of avocado I had to somehow was out of my hair in the end…. I don’t think I will do it again 🙁 Why? Well A) It was a hassle to make and B) My hair didn’t respond too great too it. 🙁 …… Maybe it would work for a different skin type. Oh well. Hahahaha I will just stick with my face masks, body scrubs, and cooking! I’m good at those silly things. 🙂 Also be careful about baking soda, it will strip coloured hair. Just an FYI, I already had really faded hair so it didn’t matter too much for me.

Face mask, face wash, body scrub and a cat named River.

Face mask, face wash, body scrub and a cat named River.

Hello all! (listening to Mode by Bingo Players…. I REALLY LIKE THIS SONG!)

The birds are awakening and I have yet to sleep. 🙁 I’m anxious, thinking too much, stressed out, freaking out over life and my job, and I was just unable to fall asleep much to the dismay of River and friends. 🙁 

So what do I do at this hour of night when I can’t sleep? I find recipes or create them for face things. Tonight we have three 🙂 *note in picture the top right one isn’t finished – I hadn’t added baking soda yet*


My first one I used is a different face mask but uses a lot of the same ingredients as others. I don’t know if you guys knew this, but I used to have HORRID acne. It is a family curse. You wouldn’t believe it now if you saw my face though, that I used to be riddled by little and medium pimples and red bumps and blotches all over. 

Simple Face Mask

1tbsp Honey
1tbsp Water
1tbsp baking soda
4-6 drops of tea tree oil
*can also add a small amount of lemon juice to decrease redness

Mix all items together, rinse face off with warm water, dry face, add this concoction, let it dry/keep it on for 20 minutes, rinse. 



*I look super tired!!

I ended up adding more baking soda than the recipe above called for.. it also tickles your face since it does get a little runny due to the honey. Hahahaha. Didn’t drip though. 


Strawberry Face Wash


1tbsp regular sugar (I used raw)
1tbsp brown sugar
2 Strawberries mashed
2tbsp coconut oil

This is a face wash, so mix these ingredients together the best you can and simply use some to wash your face with. I used it after the mask above. I knew the mask above would dry my skin a little bit since it does have baking soda and lemon juice in it so the coconut oil really made the skin moisturized after that. 

Also, I had A LOT left over, so I just left it in my little pottery bowl (oh I made those by they way), sealed it in a ziploc baggy, and stored the rest for later 🙂 

Did you know strawberries help decrease appearance of dilated pores? Well they do. 


Simple Body Scrub (I only used the Burt’s Bee’s container to store it in)


2 cups brown sugar
1/2 cup olive oil
1/4 cup honey

Mix them all together and use on your body for sexy smooth skin. Hahahaha, I used half the recipe and actually added just a touch more honey. I haven’t used it yet, but I have used ones like it. Next time I make one I will see if halfing the olive oil and replacing it with coconut oil will do 🙂 


I hope these weren’t too boring. I just can’t sleep and really wanted to be productive. I just feel so lazy recently since I have only been working. Saturday to Monday I do evening shift (3 to 11pm) and then on Tuesdays and Wednesdays I do night shift (11 to 7a). So I get done at 7 on Thursday morning and go back at 3 on Saturday. Hahahaha. Only for this month though! Next month I am back to just having evening shifts. 

I’m just exhausted. This schedule is really messing me up, I got really sick about two weeks ago, a relationship ended, a new one started, and I’m just not sure what to do at 4 in the morning when I can’t sleep even after taking pills to help. So I do my relaxing techniques. 🙂 They seem to help. 

Goodnight all. 

Oh, and River. 

ImageWho was being completely adorable tonight and I couldn’t resist her anymore!!! 



So here are some photos. The one of my face is a new mask I made and tried out tonight. It is ironic really… I don’t mind posting photos of me with mask stuff on my face, but I don’t like having pictures taken of me otherwise. Hahahaha… oh well, here is the mask recipe:

It is a cup of oatmeal that I ground up in a little coffee grinder, 2tbsp(ish) of honey, hot water to the consistency I wanted, and then I topped it off with 3 drops of essential oil (lavender was my choosing).


So, as I wash my face at night I have two little/big cats that watch me.


The black one is my cat, we know her as River if you keep up with my blog.


The other cat is my roommate’s cat, his name is Percy, but I call him Percifus – it is his Latin name.



They both sit on their perch, or toilet, and watch me at night when I am brushing my teeth and washing my face. It is rather amusing really, they always seem so interested in what I am doing. We even have little conversations. Meaning, they meow and I meow back… then they meow again at me. After a while River gets annoyed and hops onto the sink and tries to nuzzle me.


Anyway, that’s tonight’s mask. I also started a new teeth whitener treatment. I will tell you the outcome of that if there is any 🙂


If you know of any good face masks let me know!


Oh, and I wrote Cindy a letter the other day. I just need to stamp it and get it in the mail. 🙂 I’m gonna get back into post carding soon.