Psychiatric Nursing

Psychiatric Nursing

Last night I was in the psych hospital again. I seriously love being there. I am on the wing with the schizophrenic, bipolar, and other psychosis disorders. People come into that wing because they are in a crisis with their mental disorder. I really enjoy that wing, the people are just great, the workers and staff are great too. The chaos that sometimes happens, the different sorts of minds in there… man, it is all just so fun.

I have to work on my paperwork now, plus a ton of other homework! I’m excited, it snowed last night, but I think it is all melting away now, I think it is stupid they shut school down.. SERIOUSLY! It was only 5 inches. Blagh… I wanted to go to the gym today and I don’t want to do a work out video. …

OK, Africa, I have my interview tomorrow with Children of the Nations. I am excited to talk to her. 🙂 I am still struggling with my support letters, I really need some input and help! LEAVE COMMENTS! Or something, geez. I’m also needing to go get my picture for my passport, that way I can get that renewed with my name change. I also have a visa to get AND SHOTS! So exciting. I am going to email Chad today, he is kinda the leader I think, and figure out what I have to do next work wise.

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