Yesterday contained Jessica’s and mine’s presentation, a midterm, and then two papers due in my next class. Busy aye? Well, during my 40 minute lunch break between my presentation class and my midterm I get two calls. One call is from my dad who wanted to call and tell me something I already knew and understood but he felt it necessary to tell me over and over again. This conversation felt like a tear to my being an adult and making my own decisions. However, what are parents for but to always question their kids? The second call was a mere five minutes later from Children of the Nations. They called to tell me that they were not going to accept me for this years trip because it was too close to the time they would be leaving. However, I felt that this decision in itself was rather odd, considering they have not actually started setting up leaders for the trip and were TOTALLY willing at the beginning to let me into the group a little bit earlier. However, I have been chasing this thing for three weeks now as they and GOmissions kept digging their heels into the sand and slowing things down. I also go the impression from the conversation I had with the man that he was not the one who wanted me to not go, but the other guy with GOmissions I had been talking to.

After this conversation, I had a midterm to take so I did not think much beyond, “Well, that sucks.”

I took my midterm then went to the computer lab and remembered that Julie, a senior nursing student, goes with a team each year to Liberia for a few weeks, had given me information that weekend about her trip. I emailed the guy she told me about and he emailed me back yesterday afternoon.  Unlike the other team, he wants to have me on the team and him and I are working together to get things caught up. I am going to go attend a team meeting on the 12th of March!! I’m part of a team! So exciting! I have my application done just about, I have to get my passport pictures tomorrow and hopefully send Doug the application and money for air fare. He is wanting to buy all the tickets NOW!

This trip is much more affordable, it seems like I will be with people that actually want me involved and I don’t have to meet some standards of THEIR Christianity to be able to be involved. Also, instead of $8100 I will only have to raise $2800! That is a lot more feasible! I can even get that just working!

Today I am going to be at Fairfax all day, so I am going to head off to my Biopscyh class, then to our pre clinical, then off to clinical and then post clinical. I think I am going to have the opportunity to lead group today on my unit 🙂 Kinda nervous about that, but hopefully I can do it well and learn from it. I might also apply for a job there this summer as a group/activities leader for one of the units. I don’t think my trip to Africa is terribly long and I believe having some sort of job would do me well. I just need to figure out where to get this said job.


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