Procrastination :)

Procrastination :)

I am going to hunker down and do tons of homework tomorrow! I mean, I have to! I have not done all of my homework yet!!! I also need to finish my support letter, that will be Saturday’s job. 🙂 I need motivation to get my butt in gear and do my freakin’ homework, and lately I have been procrastinating! I will keep doin that til tomorrow too! BAHAHAHAH!
Anyway, Africa, Liberia’s temperatures ave been nice recently. I went in yesterday to the Doctor regarding my foot that’s been hurting for about 3 weeks… yea, I have a stress fracture! But I am still walking on it and going to the gym! Oh geez. Ok, so the doctor relates to Liberia because I don’t want going over there with a broken bone of sorts even if it is just a TOE! I called and told my dad about it. It’s my first broken bone in all my life! I mean, this is an occasion to be remembered! IT SHOULD BE CELEBRATED!! …. In light of this, I made popcorn. 🙂

Well ONWARD HO!!! Maybe to bed, maybe to watch Being Human somemore, maybe… just maybe.

BYE!! Please enjoy!

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