Journals from Nepal

Journals from Nepal


OK, so I found these amazing little journal at the most amazing Barnes and Noble last night. I had to charge my phone and the only phone charger I have is a car charger! So, in light of this, I decided a trip to Barnes and Noble was at hand. ūüôā So, I go to the University district’s Barnes and Noble last night. I have never been there before and needless to say, amazing. Why is it, everything in Seattle is just more amazing. I will never understand. I think Seattle owns Sirens that just calls us there and makes us think everything is better. Anyway! I found the most spectacular journals made of tree bark from the Lokta tree from Nepal. Needless to say I was hooked immediately. I pretty sure I could find these any most Barnes and Nobles, but I have not seen them at the other two I frequent. I think you who may be interested can find more stuff here at this website (¬† ) Needless to say it seems to be much what is from my book. I love the thick¬†unsymmetrically¬†cut pages and its hemp cover.

Tonight is my first meeting! I have to leave in an hour to find the place. I will actually need to leave in 45 minutes to ensure being moderately on time. I also need to print out instruction and such. I’m excited to meet people, so excited I need to go pee right now! This happens when I get excited, I either have to shake my hands or go pee…. sigh. On the bright side my brochure is done!!! ¬†Other than that though it is onto the support/newsletter. I only need about 1700 more dollars for the trip. Easy enough to raise you think?? I hope so! I have to babysit a whole bunch more too so I can earn some of the money.


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