Sick Day

Sick Day

Woke up this morning to the sound, of an alarm clock ringing in my ear. I then rolled over and felt my stomach doing flip flops and twists all around…. though, that is not actually possible it is what it feels like correct? I slept in today instead of starting my day at 6 and going to the gym. I only slept til about 730 though, so not much later. I woke up and just felt like puking. I have a pretty good handle over throwing up though, so I can not do it for as long as I want to usually. Sometimes it will just happen. I took my shower then self soothed my body the way I usually do for nausea. But, this time it did not work!! So, I am staying home today and finishing a bunch of homework instead. 🙁 Hopefully I will get my study guide done between today and tomorrow morning before I head out to clinicals for the next two days. I have two more sections to complete on my study guide, then hopefully I can study with some friends and we can glean more information form each other.

Other than that, my blog is posted on another friends website.  here’s the link It’s really sweet of Mrs. Marita to do this for me. Hopefully some of her readers will also notice and be willing to help me out!

I’m going to go get better now and just do homework!


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