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Hello!! Alright, I have a few things I wanted to talk about.

1. Whole wheat pancakes are seriously my favorite now… can never go back to Bisquick or regular flour pancakes after eating those amazing things.

2. Funds are just not coming in like I was hoping they would for my trip. I need $800 in 3 days. … Call me worried. If you are interested in donating go to . It would be reallly really really helpful if you guys could donate. I also have a page on here talking about the trip and you can go to and read about the organization yourself. I am sending out more support letters today, I have to buy more stamps though.

3. On the topic of friends. Life is very weird in the people we know and the people we hang out with. I don’t understand drama or jealousy. I don’t get where people get all upset about things. I want to start living a more drama free life. I want to not dislike people anymore. I want to try to be friends with people I can’t stand just because their personalities don’t mesh with mine. I want to learn how to mesh. I really do. I’m done being the person who can’t stand being around people cause they talk to much or something like that. I want to learn to just be friends, like back in kindergarten.

4. This may be a whiny point. But here goes me trying to express how I am feeling without being whiny. I have friends here that I love. However, they seem to not feel the same way about me. I would love to hang out with them more, but that does not seem important to them. These people seem to be caught up in their own life and cliques. I think this is why I feel so strongly about point #3….. I don’t want to be this person to other people and I can see myself doing this. It really hurts people and that is not fair. This does not mean I  HAVE to give up my time to hang out with EVERYONE however, I do need to stop cliqing myself with certain people. Cliques are boring. I am more just upset because people I thought were actually my friends have done a grade A job at ignoring. Applause to you. God is using you to teach something to me. Thanks.

5. Other than saying I am going to go take ATI tests and do tons of homework now there is nothing left to say. Please keep my Africa trip in your prayers and please help. More than anything I need financial support right now to make it there! Thanks.



I am a nurse, lover of life, spazztastic dinosaur, explorer, adventurer, nerd (kinda), natural hippie attempter, optimist, postcard enthusiast, pen pal, missionary, exerciser, health conscious, tea addict who gets confused in life and loves living it.

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  1. Friendships. Well that’s a VERY large topic. One that I truly long for women to figure out before they are in their 40’s because a gift of true friendship is the best gift ever. One that you get to open everyday. Not just a gift, it is a crucial tool to keep in your trunk as you travel along. Hmmm a blog analogy is a-stirin’.

    So…why can’t I read other people’s comments?

    • I don’t think people comment! Hahahaha, it is just me talking to the interwebs in hopes that people also read 🙂
      And I agree with your gift of friendship thing. Drama ruins everything and women love drama. Woot!

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