Hodge podge!

Hodge podge!

Hey everyone!

So April 1st’s Goal was met!!!!! I received the $800 I needed for that deposit! There are only $900 more to go for my complete total to be met! I know it will come in! Thank you to each person who donated! I am now working on the next 3 weeks of CRAZY SCHOOL!!!!  Let me explain: I have clinicals for three more weeks, Teen Challenge this Friday… these clinicals take away at least 23 hours of two days away from me for doing ANY homework! But such is nursing! We can’t be expected to know HOW to be a nurse if we don’t practice the skills to be a nurse. I have two papers due next week plus a presentation, the next week isn’t too bad I have my pharm book to turn in with all sorts of work to be done in it and a presentation. I also think we are going to start checking out on IV placement this week. The week of April 25th we have a paper due, we receive a final, and there is an assessment in our Bio-psychosocial class (which  may or may not be a final…..)!!!! BUSY! The papers are good sized papers too! There is a lot to do and get done! I am going to go to the writing lab today to get one of my papers looked over for next week.

Other than all that stuff life is fine. 🙂 I am hoping to rock these next three weeks in finals. I have to take on two patients either this week or next. The last two weeks I might HAVE to have two patients. And I think I will wait til next week because I am only in the med-surg rotation for one day this week.  Another fun story, for my birthday I have to study for a final that is the next day! So, I will be celebrating my birthday a week later since it is right before finals. 🙁 Poo.

I’ve been in a decent mood. Little crazy lately… (no idea why) but good mood. I’m excited for Liberia to happen in about TWO MONTHS! OMGOODNESS! TWO MONTHS!! =D   Til then though… there are many tasks to be defeated and I am going to go and work on that  now.


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