Reasons for excitement :)

Reasons for excitement :)

So, I conquered one of my New Year’s resolutions!! I DISCOVERED MY SUPER POWER!! I AM VERY OBSERVANT! Hmmm. I should find out the rest of my resolutions! They are on my other blog. Well, looks like the best thing I have done is two of them! Blogging (at least kinda consistently) and discovering my super power. I might have another super power, we shall see. I still have the rest of the year to discover if there are more dormant within me.

I just realized I forgot to do my journal entry this week in my integration class  DANGIT! I even reminded myself to do it yesterday, and the day before! That is what I get for not looking at my date planner this weekend. I knew what I had to do, at least I thought. Whatever, it is not worth too many points and I did all of my others this semester.

I woke up around six thirty this morning…. with a friggin pounding headache. It is still hanging around. I am going to shower here shortly and hopefully it will diminish after that, drinking some water, and having breakfast. I am not really wanting to go to classes today. I happen to be ready for this semester to just end already. I’m quite bored of doing papers and studying my butt off for hours on end. This week is not too horrible, but the next week kinda is. Next week I have a pretty good sized paper due, two ATI exams, and I think IV checkouts… or that is this week. I don’t quite remember……. wait… got it…. this week is IV check outs, next week they are picking what check out we do. Then we do whatever one they picked (out of a choice of like 5) and hopefully we pass it.

I have made a decision in my life recently. I’m not taking birth control anymore. I am looking into getting a diaphragm or Lea’s Shield. I am still researching different choices, but I’m done with what birth control does to me. I like the fact it prevents babies though, I am seriously happy for that one aspect of birth control pills. What I don’t like is how bloated I get, my mood changes are more frequent, the migraines I get, and the freakin weight gain!!! BAH!

Anyway, speaking of Liberia (actually we weren’t but I need to mention a few things). TWO MONTHS EVERYONE!! TWOOOOO MOOONNNTTHHHSS!!!! Also, I still need to raise $900!! I need to get crackin on my Facebook event invite! With all the help of everyone I was able to raise $800 in one week! I believe I can raise $900 in one and a half months!!! (even one month most likely). Remember there is a page up above that talks of Liberia! Want to donate? Please do!

I’m going to go shower now and get started with my day and doing buku amounts of homework…. first I need to find that Exedrin and get rid of this headache.


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