As a nurse I will be saving and taking care of people’s physical lives more so than their spiritual lives. As a nursing major I have to put A LOT of time into my classes, skills, homework, and papers. Everyday of the week I am studing; I know I am doing it for a valuable reason. The knowledge I cram into my brain during these two years will be very important for me in the many nursing years to come.

I have a bone to pick with Northwest University and their standards. I spend up to 70 hours a week doing school stuff. I even spend the majority of my weekends doing my nursing homework. However, I see the ministry majors on this campus using time like it is free and refundable. I have ministry major friends that waste their time, procrastinate on their homework, whine about their classes, and turn their homework in late without regard to deadlines. They tell me, “Well, these classes aren’t really important for what I have to do in my life. I’m going to be a youth pastor, I don’t really need to pay attention to my theology courses.” How would you respond if I, as the nursing major told you, “Oh, I don’t find Adult Health very important, I only want to work with babies anyway.” Or what if I responded, ” I don’t see how Global Health is an important class for me to have, I’m only going to be working in Seattle.”

WE HAVE A HUGE GAP IN UNDERSTANDING! These ministry majors are suppose to be taking care of the ETERNAL being, the person’s SOUL! I am only suppose to keep their physical being alive for the minuscule piece of time God gave us here! I see now why it is so important for the school of nursing to stress the importance of the spiritual person. There seems to be a huge gap between ministry majors and their realization of what they are suppose to be doing with their lives. THEY ARE ALSO SAVING PEOPLE! They are spiritual nurses and doctors! If people are picking ministry because it is an “easy” major than they need to wake up. This major should NEVER be taken lightly. Ministry is on, and maybe above, the level of seriousness that nursing is on.

Ministry majors need to wake up and smell the Hell that waits for these people’s lives they are preaching to. Nursing majors, we need to step it up in our ministry to people in the hospitals. If the preachers won’t take their soul’s seriously, then we have to.

I know I have a lot of generalizations, I realize there are nurses that don’t take nursing seriously. I know there are preachers out there that take their work VERY seriously. We need more of this. We need to stop being so apathetic in our mission field.

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  1. I totally agree with you in this Keshia! This kind of stuff is so annoying and frustrating, especially when we are busting our butts to get a degree (which doesn’t even include our license) We can’t just walk across that stage at graduation and get our degree. We actually have to take a licensor exam to work in our profession. It drives me up the walls to see people who are like this! Glad someone else feels the same way lol

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