Soooooo, I have a TERRIBLE sunburn on my back around my shoulders and arm regions…. I need to go work out, but I can’t because of my sun burn! I can’t even put on a bra! It hurts soooo bad! I keep one on long enough to go and take my finals, but once I’m home… BACK TO COMFORT! I have learned my lesson, do not sit out in the sun from 11 to 3 without some type of sun protection 🙁 At least once the pain has subsided there will be a TAN! I love being tan!

Other than that, I have a final today and biopsych tomorrow. I did not do as well as I would have hoped on my final yesterday. So, STUDYING is going to be happening like a crazy mad person for biopsych final! Today’s final is open book open note. I just need to go and understand where everything is at and some key concepts… should be an easy review an hour before the exam.

Time to go and shower and lather aloe on my skin!


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