Two days later…

Two days later…

So it has been two days now with no Facebook….. (about three actually). I am going to let my lunch (homemade minestrone soup! SO GOOD) settle and I am heading to the gym. … and the cookies I just got done making. … Oh geez. Now I need to sew the last of my curtains. Today my daily challenge was to get rid of a piece of clothing that does not flatter me. … this is going to be quite a few pieces… sigh.

I have worked out two days now, tomorrow I am going to go to Seattle to get my passport redone! Freakin people misspelled my first name! EVEN WHEN I, of course, WRITE IT CORRECTLY! I have to get my visa next Saturday, so my leader needs this DONE! I am also going to get my typhoid fever shot, yellow fever, malarial pills, and some cipro (antibiotic) in this next week.

I am excited to go work out today 🙂 Don’t know why exactly, maybe because it is something to do.

Also, tomorrow I am also going to go and get a gym membership at 24Hour Fitness and start going to the classes that they have 🙂 It’s not a bad price for as many classes as you can physically get to! This will also help me build more of a schedule this summer. I need structure so I will make it happen!!!!!

Alright, time to go do something!!

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