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So, the last few nights I have not been sleeping well. I have a super scratchy throat and it hurts my hips when I’m laying down in the bed. I don’t know what is going on. 🙁 I woke up feeling more miserable today then I did yesterday or the day before. I am going to fix up some soup for today,

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, sunny and warm.

I get to leave for Liberia soon. I have so much to get done this one week! GEEZ! Everything was not working out towards my advantage last week. The travel place for my shots was closed, and I kept having to reschedule my appointment for the Seattle Passport Agency. But I am going tomorrow… and I am going to be taking the  bus. So it’s seriously going to be a mini adventure in the rain. I want to stop by Bahaus Cafe too… since I’m so close to it anyway. Mmm. I always have loved their almond soy lattes the most 🙂 So tasty!

Alright, well I am off to make some soup. Maybe it will help my throat. I just want to feel better!!!! ARGH!!!


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