The Underworld.

The Underworld.

Alright, so I have discovered the addictiveness of bus riding yet again. I loved taking the community transit (subway/metro) in D.C., it is so relaxing, you get on, you ride til your stop, then you walk to where you need to, and do  it all again to come home! It’s relaxing, I don’t have to deal with the traffic or parking in Seattle! GEEZ! 15bucks for the day in some places I saw, and then 7 bucks for an hour! The parking lot prices are going up with gas prices. Jiminy Christmas!

The bus stops in the bus tunnel under Seattle were the coolest things. I never realized how big the Seattle underground bus system was. I remember the system in D.C. was HUGE! So many stops and lines! You had Red Line, Green Line, Yellow Line, and the Blue Line. And I loved how they all got you where you needed to go.

I also went to the gym today, twice. Once around 2:30 and then later in the evening — I was bored.

It is now Tuesday, my passport came in! THEY DID NOT MISSPELL MY NAME THIS TIME!!!!!! I have an official passport 🙂 SUPER EXCITED! I called to get my shots in this week… and the person has not called me back. I will be calling back because I need those shots by Wednesday! WHICH IS TOMORROW! I need them this week for sure! Sigh. I don’t know why she hasn’t returned my calls one of the other guys has gotten his shots this week….. I need to get them done for Doug this weekend.

My sinuses are super plugged up today! It is annoying. I can feel the vibration of the gunk in my face when I speak 🙁 At least my nose isn’t actually stuffy…. it just feels like it is.
Time for me to go sit outside and read I suppose. I might drive down to the docks and read in the car if it is too gusty… but the house is dark and I don’t like it.

Enjoy! I get to nanny tonight!!

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