Quests. Facebook. Walks. OH MY!

Quests. Facebook. Walks. OH MY!

I have not been on Facebook in over a week. … and today is honestly the first day that I have missed it. I took a three hour walk today all around Kirkland. … (mainly to the docks and back home)…. but still. All these glorious sites and wonderful things I saw, but I can’t tell anyone on Facebook about it! Yes, Yes, I know this blog connects to my Facebook so basically I am now telling everyone on Facebook…. but at least with a blog it is more in depth and less impersonal as a Facebook status saying, “Took a great walk today!!” I can now explain in detail what today had in store for me! I can just hear the shouts of joy from everyone who reads this! … more like groans of boredom and annoyance… BUT I WILL TAKE WHAT YOU GIVE!
Today started like any other day; I woke up with a crazy urge to pee. I then picked up some medical supplies from school, looked at the clock and realized I had 9 hours till I needed to be at my team meeting…. how am I going to amuse myself you ask?? Well, lets see..

At 0830 I fixed myself some oatmeal with blueberries… I ate about half of it because I was not really that hungry. However, I knew if I was going to go to the gym and work out in a kick boxing class I needed something in my system. I downed a few glasses of water and headed out of the Gnome Hole (our house) around 0915. I went down to 24Hour Fitness ready to endure an hour of torturous exercise in the flavor of spicy kick boxing.. only to discover it had been discontinued for today. … Fresh out. They switched my class up and it was now going to be at 1730 (5:30pm)! *sigh*… well, I didn’t go to the gym for nothing, so I decided to work out anyway. That I did and an hour later I was on my way back  home to discover it was gloriously sunny and warm out…. Starbucks, oh that Siren, called my name on the way home and I gave in. I decided to have some tea and sit out in the sun and read my book. I enjoyed this new endeavor for about an hours worth of time and continued on back home.
Once home, I remembered that it was my duty to do laundry today. So, being the responsible person that I am I started that said laundry. I treated as if it were a wild horse that needed breaking, and believe me, I broke it. While laundry was was being trained, I got some documents in order for the financial business of school stuffs, made some lunch (two delicious vegetable wraps), and watched an episode of “Legend of the Seeker”.

Once all this was done, laundry was tamed and put back into its stalls… I was bored. It was merely 1300 (1pm)… I still had four more hours to slay.

The sun was shining oh-so invitingly, and I ran to its outstretched arms and hugged it snuggly never wanting to leave its side again (basically I went outside). I took a walk down to Starbucks, not really knowing where I would end up. I sat outside this Sirens liar once again and read my book… oh this book I will have to tell you about (basically… it’s really cool). I then packed up and continued my walk. This walk led me down to the shores of Lake Washington! Oh, it was so sunny and so beautiful and WARM! Oh, the warmth on my skin makes me so happy!

I was here until the early evening time of five fifteen I do believe. I was starting to get hungry but a friend was going to be off work soon. They offered to come get me, but I also wanted to possibly venture up that mountain of a hill back home… what did I do?

We all know the answer of what I did… I ventured!!!! AND I CLIMBED THAT STREET! It was very refreshing in the end because I had finally done it. I had finally walked up that bastard of a street. Guh.

Now, all said and done, I arrived back home safely around dinner time and am now fixing up orange chicken, vegetable stir fry and brown rice for dinner… it was an incredible day. One of many this summer. And soon there will be pictures of today. Because I was able to capture some gorgeousness down at the docks. 🙂
Enjoy… nanu nanu. Here are 12 pictures of today.

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