The Duct Tape Adventurer

The Duct Tape Adventurer

Hi HO!! Off to work I do not go! Next week though, I have some days to work. 🙂 Tomorrow is the fundraiser for Serve the Children! I am really excited for the work I get to do while there! I am the raffle ticket seller, job description, “Be polite-fully aggressive.” Sounds like it is just up my alley… other than that politely part; however, a smile makes anything polite.

Alright, for the title. I have decided… duct tape cards, stationary and postcards are going to be on the agenda. However, it seems people want duct tape wallets as well. So, let me refer to a wonderful link that explains how to make the wallet perfectly. 🙂



This is the site I used. 🙂 I can make a wallet in about ten to fifteen minutes now. Pretty easy I must admit. I have also made a duct tape messenger bag: I only have this video on Facebook  I think. I don’t know where it’s original copy on my compy went. Should I make a video for the duct tape wallet?? Answer me that. I mean,I could! It is not that hard.

[[[[[Here is my horribly video! Not nearly as good as the one that explains it, but hey! I DID TRY!

Oh, my voice is off from the video…. GRRRRR!! I will fix that later.. maybe even do a better video!]]]]]]

I make bookmarks from the left over pieces of duct tape, I like those a lot actually. We use them around here quite a bit. I have sent them to some people on Postcrossing, but I am not sure if they will like them. Many people are hateful towards homemade things! So amazing to me.

I have yet to receive anything from anybody on Postcrossing since summer began! d! The post needs to travel faster!

I have in fact found two people who would like to be pen pals 🙂 A wonderful lady from the Netherlands and a gentlemen from Russia 🙂 Needless to say, I did the “I HAVE A PEN PAL” dance yesterday. I bet you didn’t know that dance existed 😉 Oh, believe me, it does, and I did it. I patented the “I have a pen-pal” dance 🙂 No, I will not record it and show it to you. That would be silly.

I also applied for a Nurse Technician position at Virginia Mason today 🙂 SEE!! I’m not a lazy bump-on-the-log! I did try to find work! However, they will not possibly contact me until I leave for Liberia!! We will see what happens!

Time to check the post! Hope something is in my box!

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