Walls of Postcards!

Walls of Postcards!

Today has been a downcast day, outside that is. 🙂 I’ve been pretty happy with  my day. I got the last little bit of Liberia stuff I need. Four boxes of gloves, band-aid boxes, some food, face wipes (can’t have enough I say), and some instant coffee I feel like it will be great to have while there… maybe a pick me up?? I have one more thing I need to get… aside from borrowing luggage… shoes. Geez. But I have to wait til next Friday, 🙂 I have to deposit the money I will make babysitting and from the church on Saturday and then pay off my immunization bill. 🙁 That is 667$ in itself!! Anyway, enough boring stuff. I got stuff on sale and bought frugally, that is what matters!

Well, I am finally getting my postcard wall up and going! I have some more to add to it though, and there are already tons of them! Here is a picture of what the wall currently looks like

(yes that is a Darth Vader head in the corner)


Here is a view of just the cards without the map


AS you can see, I have traded a lot of cards 🙂 I will be finishing this up shortly, though it is going to grow continually because I keep receiving cards since I trade with lots of people for them. I am going to take my Star of David card and also add it to this wall. My first idea was the tack all the cards to the wall, put a pushpin in the country it came from, and have a string connecting it to each card and country. Well, once I started receiving my cards and noticed how much I was getting… my wall would not fit this. And I like receiving them! All the cards are read over and over and looked at again and again! I also didn’t like the tacking idea, because then you couldn’t reach up and read a card if curiosity had to be settled. Though some are at ceiling height, where I am not, a step stool could be confiscated for a shorter individual to see 🙂 I will update once all the cards I currently have are on the wall 🙂 I am also going to tack map pins into the map for where i have actually received. 🙂

The fun part about the Post Wall, is when I have the doors and windows of the flat open, they sway around 🙂 It’s very enjoyable.

Oh, so here are some posts I have received this day.



The First one with the working gnomes or so is from Ukraine, the second one is of Columbia but sent from the US, of course the BABY SEAL! SOOO ADORABLE! it is sent from the US. This card was a swap for a horrible card 🙂 (she wanted the horrible card!!). The last card is from a lady in America who went to Africa this March and sent me the card! SO SWEET OF HER! It would be so hard for me to part from cards I got from Africa!

Today, I also received some blank cards from a lovely girl in Russia! They are some amazing cards that I can not part with yet to swap with anyone else. The lady who sent these cards was only supposed to send “5 Cards in an envelope” but she sent 7 instead!!! So blessed! What is hilarious, is when I would send our my 5 mix cards to people I would throw in an extra cause I couldn’t make up my mind which ones to send!!

Alright, I am going to head off to a Pilates class.. at four thirty here, or just the gym in general. I need to work out today. Off I go to do things either way!!! Have fun everyone! Remember to check out my letters from the world! LINK >> http://keshiastravels.wordpress.com/lettersfromtheworld







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