Ok, so it is now SIX DAYS AND 12 HOURS TIL LIBERIA!! WOOO! My goal before I leave is to… do a duct tape wallet “how-to” 🙂 I got my postcard wall full done today! All of my current post cards are on it! WOOT!

That does not look like a lot of cards, but it really is!

Why is this post titled “Creativity”? Well, because I am lacking it! And I want to do things and stuff and be creative! I don’t know what to make though. Should I do a duct tape wallet tutorial for kicks, make duct tape post cards, draw, paint, make glass jars for candles to hang from the ceiling, pin tacks into my map for all the countries of postcards I have received….. ?? I JUST DO  NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO! I’m at a complete loss. I feel lame.

….Why do we not use chocolate as money?

I  hope their letters get to them while I am in Liberia. I also hope I can find some little things for all three of my pen pals 🙂 Something small to send to them, that would be nice. I have to get my journal going that I plan to tape things in for the trip. Kinda my on-the-spot-scrapbook per say. I don’t scrap book. I just tape random things into a journal and call it my journal. I read the book “Cross-Cultural Servanthood” for my trip. Really good book. Kinda boring in parts and was hard to get through, but it has been read. I might bring it to just re-read on the plane there. I don’t know what to do about the plane rides. I will have plastic baggies to store books in for the trip back, because I read a ton of books and I would love to read coming home.

I’m slightly nervous about the whole getting sick while I am there. I don’t do well when I have to rely on other people to take care of me. I have never had to have someone take care of me. I always know how to just take care of myself when I am not feeling well, unless I am passing out cause I am just that sick. That has happened before, but I still did a lot for myself. Someone just needs to protect me from the bugs please. That’s all I ask.

I received this loverly postcard today from Italy! From a girl who is studying there from China 🙂


SO CUTE!!! I love the eyes of this card, that is why I requested it.

Well, I am off to do something. I am going to try to make some duct tape cards to send to pen pals or other people who want them. I don’t know quite what or how to do them yet. I may also set up an assembly line to teach people how to do a duct tape wallet with an inner divider 🙂 More so than that last video I had.

Alright, please encourage me! I need some! So close til my life changes forever (Liberia trip) and yet I am feeling so useless right now!

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