Time at the airport

Time at the airport

Yesterday, ended up being a very lazy day but busyish day at the same time. My parents were fixing hamburgers! I, of course, ate a Boca burger. We stayed at my parent’s place for a couple hours. It was sunny, my parents were both in good moods, and I haven’t seen my dog in a couple weeks. It was fun to cuddle, love, and play with Korkie. I miss that stinker a ton. His face is just so adorable!

We then had to leave and go to the airport to see a friend I have know since I was 14? It is either 14 or 15, I can’t remember the age. But we were best friends for a while, always causing trouble, starting things on fire. I’m pretty sure we set his pants on fire with a cologne of his in the middle of a church service at least once.  He has been in Japan serving in the Marines for the last five or six years. He gets out of the service in July of 2013 I believe. He is excited for that. He will then become a chef 🙂 We only got to see him for about an  hour yesterday, but he got fed and we had some good time together even if it was short. I did forget to take a picture of him and I for my mum.

OK, I have to write up some postcards, finish my pen pal letters and envelopes, go to the gym, do laundry, and hopefully clean up the house a bit. 🙂 I also have to start packing stuff for Liberia. At least separating and getting organized to put in a suitcase on Friday 🙂




(the WordPress grammar/punctuation fixer wants me to change “mail” to “male”….. NOT APPLICABLE!)

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