From the POST!

From the POST!

Alright! TWO BLOGS IN ONE DAY! WHOOOO! Well, I have to load up some lovely postcards I received today and yesterday!

So, first we have this card from Denmark/Germany. The person’s ID was from Denmark but they shipped it from Germany! Basically it’s a bear!!! Pretty cool I must say!

The next card received was this one from China! I don’t know much more about it.

This postcard is of the Russian Fairy tale “The Wolf and a goat” I have not yet found the story to read it, but I am going to!




This is of the Aurora cruiser located in St. Petersburg

Here is another card I received from China.

Ok, and this is an ad card, but I just had to have it because PENGUIN! And the girl has a really amazing face! Hahaha, I really like this card overall though!

This card is from Poland, this is the mountains Pieniny. The sender of this card has been on this particular mountain 3 times! I think going to that mountain would be amazing! Isn’t it gorgeous!!!!??

And for the final is this piece, a postcard painted Russian folk costume. 🙂


Well, that’s all for today! I thought of a new way to do my postcard wall, but I really do not want to redo it before I leave for Liberia. Upon my return I may redo it 🙂 I also has to buy shoes for Liberia yesterday, so now I have a box to put in all the postcards I have that I can send to people!!! I’m excited to finally be able to have them organized, and not just having them thrown around my desk.


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