Packing Phase 1

Packing Phase 1

Alright, so I started packing… mainly out of boredom! I have no luggage yet, so I am separating everything into two bins and stuff for my carry on. I don’t know what size of carry on I can have so I am just using my small duffel bag… hopefully I can use it. (I checked the website and I can use my duffel!!!). I believe I have everything I am going to need and more. Here is the first round of sorting and going through things and separating it out. 

I do not have enough skirts… but whatever, I will figure that out when I get there. I just couldn’t seem to find ANYTHING that fit here. I’m too pudgy or something. I am also worried about chaffing 🙁 I’m not a skinny person, my legs are going to rub together up top! Geez. I still need to get more things organized for my carry on. Books and such. Here are some photos of food that I will be bringing over. It’s just turkey jerky, chex mix, fruit  medley (dried fruits and nuts), some cashew and almond mix, and granola bars. I think I will be good for food sources if I can’t eat something while I am there. Everything is portioned out into one cup sizes other than the chex mix, those are rationed into two cups. I won’t eat one at a sitting of course, I just wanted to make sure I had everything portioned well. I need the food to last for two weeks and hopefully have some for my way back home. 

I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around the fact that in just over two days, I am going to be on my way to Liberia. I have been dreaming of the day I go to Africa since I was 9, all my friends know about this dream of mine, and now here it is coming true! And  this isn’t the end, I will continue to go to Africa throughout my life. But this is the first step! I am going there guys! I am going there!! My excitement cannot be explained fully! I am so excited! 

On another note, I did Zumba the other night(Monday), and man… I am Zumba sore!!! My whole torso ACHES! Even today I am  having residual achyness. However, I did go to the gym today and worked out just to get myself all stretched out and not so SORE! I will be sending all my letters and postcards out tomorrow 🙂 After that I am not tagging anymore people on Postcrossing if I can help it! I need to take stamps and such with me so I can send people posts from the airport 🙂 I also  need to remember to pick up postcards on my way back. … or on my way there and just put them in lots of plastic baggies to keep them safe. I am excited to actually sit down and be able to talk with my team members! We are all newbies other than Ruth, the nurse and of course our team leader! I can’t wait to just sit and talk with them. 

I have to get going, time for me to babysit! 

Remember! I will still get mail while I am gone!! So send me letters for my return home! I would love to read anything you have to say! Check out Letters From the World! I want to hear from you! 

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