Liberia here I come!

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I am leaving for Liberia in a mere 9.75  hours! The count-down will end and I will be on that plane heading towards a dream! I will do my best to get updates as I can. But seeing as the internet cafes there are really slow…. well, we will see what happens!  I have everything packed and ready, other than my camera. I am going to place that in my pack right now. I do have some postcards to load up… so I may post once more before I leave, but I truly doubt it.

I just found out tonight that I will be able to shadow in the Maternity ward at the hospital over in Liberia 🙂 Another dream come true! I am excited and I will basically copy my journal from the trip on here for everything to read upon my return! Remember, just cause I am gone does not mean you can’t still send letters to me for Letters From the World. I would love to have some very amazing letters upon my return, it will distract me from the emptiness I will feel being gone from Liberia.

Enjoy everyone and have a ton of fun! I can’t wait to update you when I return!!


LOVE to all of you



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