Post From Liberia

Post From Liberia

HELLO! I am in Liberia! We are at Jamal’s Boulevard Cafe in Monrovia. We are just enjoying our Sunday evening before we have to head back to Sinkor School. Iwalked around with one of the kids, Mary Anne, from the school today and saw her house… or what you can consider a house! She lives just behind the school.


It has been an amazing trip so far. lots of nursing stuff. This week I will get to shadow at the JFK hospital in the maternity ward for at least two days. The place these people have to live is sad. The girl I walked around with today has no toys! Do you realize how many kids in the U.S. have TOO many toys! She and her family have no toys. Lots of kids play with empty bottles.

I need to get off the computer. I will be home on July 4th, I apologize for this message not being detailed.

My toes always have sand in them, it has been hot, and all my clothes stink. Even when I take my little bucket bath I still smell after, at least I think so. I have a rash under one of my arms, but I have no idea why! All my team mates are amazing!! Zak is always picked on, he has this contagious chuckle that causes Martha and I to bust up into cackles. Stephen is always making poop jokes, Jay is our counselor, Ruth is the most patient woman I have met in my life, Diane is great with the kids with her child’s hears, and Doug is our semi-fearless leader. One week left, and I am in love with the people here and the place! I don’t want to go home, the kids are wonderful and so is the staff at all the schools. They deal with our Americanness and we do our best to understand their Liberianese!


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