Return from Liberia….

Return from Liberia….

Well, I am back. I am adjusting, it is  not easy.

It is 7 in the morning, I am tired of being home with nothing to do… and it is my first day back home. I want to go back to Liberia. I want to stay at the school and I want to be with the people.

I will update this with my journal entries from Liberia soon…. right now I won’t be able to see past the tears to even type. It’s true.

My one expectation of falling in love with the place was met and exceeded. I don’t know what to do with myself now.

My African name is Kebeh… given to me by Harris Gbolumah (one of our guards who also took very good care of us). It means “do it for me”, which is easy explained as do it for the people I serve. I love the name and may actually take on just calling myself that from now on, because a lot of the people in Liberia knew me from that name.

I am going to make a folder on Flickr for photos and link it… that way each person can see all of them. I am also going to put a few chosen ones on here as a write my journal up.


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