Start of Liberian Blog :)

Start of Liberian Blog :)

[June 18th, 2011 @ 8:45 Washington Time]

We are now on the place. My handwriting is good for now. We will see how it fares over time 🙂 Could be a game we play; I am not good without my lines. I realize now why a journal is so important to me. It helps me feel like I am talking/sharing with someone. Plus, I hope that someone can read my journal after the trip; you will get the nitty-gritty of my life. Whatever I share here, I feel comfortable enough to let you read.

I have not slept in almost 24 hours now, apparently Malarone will do this to ya. I’m still functional though. We just took off 20 minutes ago, plane was a half our late to leave. We have not yet crested out of the clouds.

I found out last night that I will be shadowing in the maternity ward at JFK Hospital in Monrovia. That has me super excited.

(We just came out of the clouds!! It’s a lake of whiteness with gorgeous blue skies)

I miss being able to talk to Tyler, that is my biggest thing right now. Last time I was on a plane it was with him by me. I will see him again in 16 days and so much is going to happen in these 16 days.

I am definitely in my element though — traveling!!!! Adventuring!!! I semi hope time will fly by on this plane, I won’t get sick (really hoping), and I Will be able to soak everything up. I need to sleep soonish, maybe around 2pm I will try again. I can’t believe I did not sleep last night. We land in Atlanta at 4:15 their time, so 1:15 WA time. We fly out at 7:30pm and arrive in Monrovia at 2:30pm, I believe that is about 15 hours on a plane??/ I am going to have to double-check that. Maybe I will wait to crash til then, seems like a good way to spend that flight.

[6pm WA time, 9pm Atlanta time, 1am Liberian time still June 18th]

Long day, right now we’re in Atlanta, our flight was supposed to leave an hour and half ago. I went ahead and switched my watch to Liberian time. There are seriously three groups all on this plane to Liberia. One is for an orphanage, one is for Teach Peace, and then there is our group. It has been 33 hours with now sleep now, I seriously do not know how my body is still this awake, and crazily enough my mind still feels alert and with it.

[9:45am Liberian TIME!!! June 19th, 2011]

Still on the plane. They took another hour to take off from where they were earlier. I SLEPT!!! WOOT!!! From 1am to 9am Liberian time! TAKE THAT JEG LAG! This is the official time to live by, so thankfully staying up for the crazy amount of hours I did came in handy 🙂 I feel a lot better too. The plane did serve dinner on they flight but all they had been beef by the time it got to me. I ate the fruit and nibbled on the stuff that resembled cole slaw. I feel a lot stronger emotionally now that I have slept. I feel less like bawling when I am holding my penguin pillow. I do not think it is because I miss Tyler though. There are four reason why I may want to cry.

  1. I miss Tyler a bit because I always have him with me
  2. I am about to start my period (IN LIBERIA! YEA!!!)
  3. I did not sleep for MANY hours
  4. I am finally am doing with my life what I have known I am supposed to do with it since I was 9. 🙂 My dream is coming true
And I am so blessed to be starting my period whilst in Africa!!! I brushed my teethers all up, used the bathroom, took my Malarone, had a fiberbar, and will use my face-wipes soon. My hair is all frumpy 🙁
We will make it to Liberia later than we’d hoped, so we may have to try to get home in the dark. Good thing Doug knows what to do and we just follow!! I just saw our map! I slept while traveling over almost the entirety of the Atlantic Ocean, can’t see much through the clouds 🙁
Oh yea!! And I was in the middle row of seats when I saw two seats empty by the window just two rows up. Boarding was done so I went for it! Martha helped me. I am so grateful we saw it and God provided it. I needed to sleep and I was not sitting with my team, but the I <3 Liberia group, and they weren’t very friendly. I know I slept a lot better because of this. Oh, and I did take an Excedrin PM to ease sleep along around 3am when the flight attendants came around and woke me up. Also, someone shut the shade on my window without me realizing it!!
[2:35pm Liberian Time]
In Ghana right now. Waiting for the plane to get off this damn tarmac and get to Monrovia. Doug let me know what to expect when we get there. I like to know what to expect. Don’t need complete details, but a ballpark is perfect. Should take us an  hour and a half to get there. Isaac will take us through customs, then once we’re out of the terminal the Serve the Children staff are going to be there.  TIME FOR TAKE OFF!
Oh and I started my period on the plane over Liberia, two days early! GEEZ! Bahahahahaha

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