Liberian Blog Pictures from Day one!

Liberian Blog Pictures from Day one!

Here are pictures that I did not insert into yesterdays post but should have 🙂 These are all from my first day in Liberia.

This is flying into Roberts International Airport, Harbel, Margibi, Liberia. Flying into Liberia was so amazing. It was gorgeous! I have never seen a prettier landscape and I live in Washington! I thought Washington was gorgeous, then I met Liberia and I knew I was wrong.

Here is the plane we were on for SOOOO LONG!!!

This is Stephen chillin on 19 bags of supplies, not all these were personal affects. A lot was supplies to bring into Liberia for the Liberians.

Baggage claim was CRAZY! I couldn’t get anywhere, nobody would move, and I had to basically just push people out of my way. Oh well, I mean I am good at that but it was seriously a new adventure all in itself!

I will do another blog post today for the next day of the trip, but pictures will be included into it for easier reading 🙂

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