Liberian Journal, Day 5

Liberian Journal, Day 5

[June 24th, 2011; sometime at night 10pm or so]

Today we went to Civil Compound, very enjoyable. They put on a program for their graduation, and us being there too. Our drive there was long, but fun! We had to cross over our bridge, but we couldn’t be in the car to cross over the bridge, and here is why:(the bridge and also some scenery on the way there will be in the next few pictures)

Most of the people were friendly and very welcoming at Civil Compound. Sackie gave a speech and it was very inspiring to us and the Liberians. It was amazing watching how he got fired up for the Liberians to take care of themselves. He kept telling them, “The white people can’t do it for us, but they can help.” I liked how he kept reminding them and us that we are not there to do things for them, we are there to lend a helping hand for them to get on their feet and make their country better. The procession to the front by the kids was the best part of the graduation ceremony. They were singing and walking very rhythmically to their seats. The principal let me hand out some of the kids diplomas, that was fun and different. The kids also looked very afraid of us while doing it! I did encounter one child who had not seen a white person before, he ran away screaming and crying… but he came back to smile at me from behind a lady’s leg! Bahahahaha. 

There were also adorable kids all around who kept wanting to hold my hand, talk with me, and follow me around once we started working around. This little guy kept following me. While the graduation was  going on. The hardest part of today was eating lunch. All the kids were looking in through the cinder block “windows” at us while we were suppose to eat. ….. seriously… it’s hard enough to eat here at Sinkor while kids are not watching you but you have the understanding that the majority of these kids are going home to maybe eat once a day. But to have those kids staring at me with the starvation red flame hair while I am eating great food fixed by Martha and sent with us for this day…. torture and very hard to do. Sackie came and put his arm around me and told me that at least today these kids will eat because their graduation is a celebration. He also told me that I will need to eat. These kids do not have it easy here, and because of this I have to say I admire these survivors and little troopers. In the perfect world, in my own mind, if the world was all on caloric restrictions, only consuming what we needed, do you think the whole world would have enough food? If so many people in America didn’t eat TOO MUCH, do you think nations would be more able to have what they need if we weren’t so busy shoving our faces full of useless calories?

The little town around the school of Civil Compound was beautiful! We walked over to the other hill where there is another little building that is the government, that is why the school is called civil compound 🙂 Because it is that close to a government building. On our way home, something happened to our car. Don’t really remember what Zac said went wrong, all I know is that we had to get out of our car and get into the van to squeeze in and go home. We did this switch at 15 Gate where we found a little shop to get the car fixed at. Zac and I walked around the village, it’s really odd to be watched anywhere I walk. I am not used to people so interested in me simple because I am white. Hahaha. We were the attraction of the town! The kids would laugh to “thumbs-up”, wave, and smile. Also, if people are staring, as soon as a smile flashes on my face they will brighten up and smile back… and also wave enthusiastically. It’s great, they don’t look at you like you’re a freak when you smile and wave at them 🙂

[Warning, bluntness] I smelled really bad today (clothes and all), I peed on Africa behind the latrine (picture of little white/red building). It wasn’t a bad latrine at all, it was just locked. I forgot to take a picture of the inside. basically it is a hole in the cement floor, sorda a key hole shape, with two bricks on the side for your feet to sit on while you squat. I believe the period I started on the plane between Accra, Ghana and Monrovia, Liberia is finally over. My sheets feel disgusting and my feet never get clean. Having sand on my feet at all times is not preferred, but whatever, I can use baby wipes to wipe them off before I go to bed. If bare feet touch the ground, they will be dirty in two steps!

Tomorrow we will be heading out to the internet cafe and the market.

8 more days!!! I have loved it here. I called Tyler and he did not answer, so I called my dad instead and talked with him. Looks like I can get him another kid to support, but Dorcas maybe it. She is lovely! It’s about time for me to read and go to sleep. Sorry I did not write much, maybe I will think of more tomorrow. 

The landscape is gorgeous, just gorgeous!


Enjoy! Oh and Harris told me he was going to give me an African name! He said I will receive it tomorrow morning by 9 (Liberian time of course).. 🙂

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