Liberian Journal, Day 6/7

Liberian Journal, Day 6/7

[June 26th, 2011 3:55pm]

Harris gave me my African name!! It is Kebeh meaning “Do it for me”. In Lorma (Loma) from Lofa County in Liberia. This county is in the northeastern portion of the nation. The name means to do it for the people I serve, not for myself. Yesterday was Saturday, and it was a lazier day because all the kids were not there. I ended up talking with all the guys this morning. Harris, Morris, Michael, and Edwin. After talking for the most of the morning we then went to the different markets. We all piled into one vehicle and headed out to some markets. Mamba point was a good one, nobody was really there, was more of a tourist area I believe. I had to use the bathroom here… VERY BAD… I could not hold it any longer! Oh man, that was the sketchiest “bathroom” I have ever been in! Made my Liberian experience just THAT much better. I walked into this door, that was in one of the shops. I then had to walk down this dark, wet, hall that went by and open area of another market…looked like it used to be a window thing. I walked a few more paces and there is the “toilet”… which just the bottom part of the toilet. It is covered in either dirt or poop… I really couldn’t tell. … yea, it was that bad. This was one of the times during this trip I was VERY thankful for skirts at this moment… as I’m squating over this toilet thing, relieving my bladder, TONS of lizards were skuttling on the roof above me. Pretty great experience I gotta say. I was just thankful to be able to pee 🙂 

We then went to the CRAZY market!! BLOCKS BIG! HILLS BIG! It was crazier and way bigger than Pike Place could EVER be! Yesterday was actually pretty calm though, I played cards with Zac, Jay, and Stephen. Zac and I were partners for spades most of the time! We did play well for a while, then we started to really SUCK.. 🙁

<– this is Zac!! He coloured with me while at Jamals Cafe!! 

It was really depressing. I’m sitting out on the balcony of the third floor right now, one of the little girls from the school is hollering at me and trying to get my attention.

(I went down to and played with her for a bit)

[June 28th, 2011]

I have super glue all over my fingers! My net fell and I had to super glue it back up to the wall. The hooks fell off, those are what I had to superglue. I’m not feeling well today. Pukey, diarrhea, nausea, and general blahness. It makes me sad because the kids are downstairs. We were going to go to the AIDS clinic today, but I am not doing well and the Mother Superior will not be there until 3pm. Works out great for me because hopefully I can be better by then to go. I have been the one trying to get this going the most. Nobody seems as interested as I am to go. I want to hold dying children. I’m not sadistic, I just realize somebody needs to love on them in their last days in this world. I should be shadowing tomorrow for about four hours, and I may go back on Thursday or Friday.

I have to confess, I love being a tough sicky person. Ruth has really helped and so has Louise. I took cipro today, just in case it’s a bug. I also took some Tylenol, just in case. And I put some great amounts of stuff on my mysterious Liberian rash (MLR).

Clearly I am feeling better since I’m not laying down. HAHAHAHAHAHA. I just know this is perfect timing to journal since I am  usually busy doing things.

Yesterday the main thing we did was go to 15Gate graduating ceremony. I need to remember that if I come next year, for this ceremony I am going to be sick. Hahaha, here is the program. The Liberians always start late 🙂 I love it. And this ceremony went for 3 hours in an oven! My butt was so sore from sitting on the hard wood chairs, it was really hot, no breeze and people were talking WAY to fast for me to understand. 

I went to Mary Anne’s house the last day I journalled, she was the little girl hollering at me 🙂 She took me over to see her house, and I met her sister! I was able to tell her that she now has a sponsor. I was able to give her some Koolaid, balls for her to share with her brothers, and little hair ties. She has no toys, and yet kids in other countries have FAR too many. She did not even have a water bottle to play with. Her family of 10 live in a really small house right behind the school. They have lived there since 2005, six years!



I need to get my dad and Tyler shirts, African shirts. I was thinking of getting a Noah’s Ark wood carving for my Mum. I got a little keepsake box for myself and a really bright colourful bag! Now it is just finding the right stuff for other people. I most likely will not get anything but something for my Mum, dad, and Tyler because I feel guilty for buying too much.

Lately I have been very hungry, but NOTHING sounds good or smells good. Maybe that is why I am not well. The Liberians were going to find me a different mattress or something because of my rash. Sackie said he would try, but I doubt I have this rash cause of the mattress. Sackie is a pretty amazing man. He is from the Peleh tribe. He is very strong, called Elephant Man in his tribe and as just a nickname. If I wanted to be protected I would pick him and T.sneh for sure!!

Our team is a really tight team. We have come together very very well during our days here. We all come from very different paths, but yet we have united so well for this type of team! We are a very low drama group, we roll with the punches, and all of us are very considerate of one another. At least that’s how I feel about our team. When we all get together and talk, not one person is found talking more than anyone else. There is not a dreaded person…. unless of course that person is me!! Bahahahaha

[4:35pm June 28th, 2011]

I drew a picture for Mary Ann. Hopefully she like it. Studio arts major coming in hand on a mission trip WOOP WOOP!!! Still better that I switched to nursing of course, though I still doubt I’m cut out for this whole nursing thing. 

Missing Tyler for the first time in country, I bet it’s cause I’m not feeling well. Going to go and do more things now. I get a really upset tummy if I stand up, but I am bound and determined I am NOT going to be upstairs all day! GRRR!!!




This little boy (the last pic) had a half dollar sized soft spot on his head and he was over a year old. Usually kid’s soft spots on their head harden up before the, but since he does not get the nutrition he needs.. his has not has  not  hardened up! I was able to stand there  and watch it pump up and down from his heart beat.

Enjoy! I am done blogging for the night!

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