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[June 30th, 2011 @ 10:08am]

Yesterday I was feeling much better, still a little wonky from the diarrhea the day before. My arm was incredibly painful from the MLR(mysterious Liberian Rash) that we soon renamed Serious Liberian Infection (SLR). The rash soon turned into pustules and looked like huge pimples. Martha had mentioned earlier that she saw a child with honey coloured scabs and such on her face. That could easily be a strep/staph infection of sorts. Maybe that is what happened to me. The kids are great at shoving their heads into our armpits if you’re the right height. Here is a picture of the infection. Yea, I have not shaved in while (actually since January… I was seeing if I can go til after the Liberia trip to shave my arms ): 

Doug made it a priority to get me to the doctor. We talked to Dr. Golden and he went by the PolyClinic and made me an appointment at 2pm. Thanks to him, I was able to get in. I spent most of the day upstairs, nursing my pit!! I hurt so bad, almost to the point I could have cried. But I can or would not be able to take myself seriously if I cried over my armpit. OH MAN! That would be sad!… crying over my armpit. At 1:45pm we headed to the clinic, I was excited to be a patient here in Liberia and to assess how they do things. I showed up, there was a Liberian young man in the receptionist chair. He was dressed in jeans and long sleeve-ish shirt that looked like a t-shirt over a long sleeve. He also had a scarf meticulously placed (loosely) around his neck. I came up with Doug, Sackie, and Martha; and Doug told him why we were here. I must say, customer service is not taught to people here whatsoever. He would not speak up or really look at us, and there was very little direction about what I was supposed to do. Doug paid my fee ($25) for the visit, that punk!! At 2 o’clock the doctor is still not even at the office!! The man does not show up until 3 o’clock. But during the wait time, John Golden showed up and confirmed my suspicions of a staph or strep infection. He also gave me some antibiotics to see if they would hopefully be good enough. The clinic was very clean, after being in JFK hospital to see Austin, I was shocked. The people there were also the type of people who were clean, because private practices are too expensive for a regular citizen of Liberia. Finally, at 3pm the doctor will see me, 5 minute visit, said that same thing I already thought and what Dr. Golden thought. He wrote a prescription for some antibiotics, and sent me on my way. He was an Egyptian man, good bedside manners, and very nice. If I were sick in Liberia, go to him. I got a prescription for some meds, and so far so good! There are a lot of antibiotics so an upset stomach can be expected. I stink too because I have not been able to wear deodorant!! At night I sleep under a pillowcase, can not handle a shirt on my underarm. It’s so gross but you can only do this in Liberia I suppose (the whole no deodorant for days). I took a shower last night, scrubbed my pits, and went to bed. When I was laying down I still smelled of B.O.! AND I SCRUBBED! Oh man… man oh man oh man!

I have finally found out what I miss the most, not stepping onto a dirty floor after and before a shower. I hung out with Mary Ann a lot yesterday after my appointment, I talked with her about a lot of stuff. I told her to remember two things in her life. God is always in control, and you can trust Him to take care of you. The second was to take her education seriously. She wants me to carry her to my country, and I told her that if she wanted to come to my country she could come for school when she is older.

The night before, I sat down at the entrance with the five kids and read them stories.

Today Stephen and Diane are doing their teacher work shops. I was suppose to go to an orphanage to do assessments today. The Golden Family was going with other people and they thought they had extra room. However, they did not. Now I’m just here again. Tomorrow I am going to JFK to shadow, geez, things really have not gone according to plan. I am ok with that though, I just want to be sure I am doing what God wants me to. This is my first trip out of the America side of the world and it has been a great one.

Today’s rain has been incredible!! I got soaked already and had to come back inside to dry. I have no clean clothes either. I was wearing my last dress. Our laundry is hanging up outside, but it got soaked in the rain too. It was fun to jump over the “rivers” Our clothes were “drying” but as you can see in they may not necessarily be drying 🙂 Hahaha, oh well. It was a great day with lots of rain, then when it dried up the day became even better 🙂 


This is just the rainiest day of our stay 🙂


Sorry for the hodgepodge of pictures at the end of the post. I can’t really throw them in where they are not related and I really don’t feel like talking about all the rain for paragraphs on top of paragraphs 🙂

Thanks for reading!




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