Liberian Journal, Portion 9

Liberian Journal, Portion 9

[July 2nd, 2011 @8:50am]

Last full day here. I’m sitting on the rocks outside thanking Jesus for the time I had here. I am not ready to go back yet. I like the heat, humidity, people, ocean… just everything.

My camera did not charge last night, so I will not get any pictures of my last day. I have to say, that almost killed my spirit for today.

The canoers/fisherman are out on the ocean moving east I think it is, I am watching the crabs scurry around, and there is a boy singing with his headphones on off to my right.

I hope I get to say goodbye to Harris today and that we get our chance to take our last walk. T.sneh was suppose to drop by last  night to hang out, but he must have gotten busy or forgotten he told me he would. Hopefully he comes by today.

Yesterday was our farewell party/ceremony. Mary Ann was to speak, and she did, but she started tearing up because she was saying goodbye. I took her and another girl on a walk with Harris yesterday. I ended up talking with a lot of guys last  night (the whole group did really).

I find it sad that I am going to miss Liberia more than I have missed Tyler or Washington.

The birds are different here, but also the same in most regards. They look a lot like our common sparrows but sleeker. More like raptors.

We are waiting for Sackie to show up. Hopefully, he does not come too late. One thing I have appreciated is that any man/boy on this campus will protect me.

T.sneh told me that a lot of the black children from the villages believe that white people are perfectly made by God. That we do not poop, pee, or get sick I think is what he said. They believe that our skin is perfect. Where I think their skin is perfect, it hides all blemishes and looks FANTASTIC.


Do not have any pictures for today 🙂 More tomorrow though!

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