Billie, the Green Ranger??

OK, I know Billie was the BLUE Power Ranger, but I couldn’t help myself! Cause, he is green.

Seriously, I want a pet, but got a plant today instead… it’s an Asparagus Plumosa, named Billie…. I am trying my hand at keeping a freakin green plant alive O.o



To be honest, this is pathetic. These apartments allow children to run about, but we can’t have more than a 1 gallon tank with a measly goldfish(Other pic is of George, he’s pretty awesome for a fish!) in it. I find it unfair… children are messier. But honestly, Billie’s leaves are so FLUFFY! It’s like petting a fluffy animal thing… so, maybe he and I will start cuddling daily. I feel that he needs luvins!! 😛 Anyway, say “Hi” to Billie! He may sign some postcards… bahahahaha, I’m going crazy.



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