Back from CAMP!

Back from CAMP!

Oh man, the last three weeks were AMAZING! The best three weeks of my life; Liberia is still the best two weeks of my life though. And frankly, since I was a camp counselor for lots of kids… I have NO pictures! Oh well, lots of experiences. The first week I was at camp I was in a cabin with 8 girls that were 12 – 13 years of age. They were at the camp from Sunday until Saturday morning. We then promptly cleaned up the cabins that all the campers were staying in, had a staff meeting, and I had a day off. On my second week I had a cabin full of 9 – 10 year olds (11 of them). This week though I had another staff member that was here to help me, so that made life a bit better! Her name is Anna (Camp name: You In 5 Minutes). Her and I are buddies! We had so much in common and I really wish we could have hung out more. On my last week there I was just a day camp counselor with 8 of the 6- 7 year olds… however, they wore me out the most! It’s crazy how much they took out of me, oh well.

The first two weeks I lived in the cabins with the girls since they were resident campers. The day camp week I lived up in Sweet Water with most of the female staff on camp. In my room I was with four other girls 🙂 I loved it! Having so many people in the room was amazing! There was Shades, Conjunction, Little G, and Earf Smurf (all camp names). I love camp names, so much fun! My camp named is Spacegirl Spiff, but everyone would shorten it to Spiffy. AMAZING RIGHT?! Because 1. I love Spaceman Spiff from Calvin and Hobbs and 2. My favorite word to describe anything is “spiffy” of “spiffitastic”. How cool is that?! I got my name because one day on my first week there I was wearing my space shirt. Then on another day that same week I was wearing a Calvinball shirt I got off of ShirtWoot! So, Shortly decided my name should be Spacegirl Spiff, because I am not a man. I know what I am dressing up for this Halloween 🙂 Best. Name. Ever.

Now I am up, it is almost 9, I am going to go shower and get ready for today 🙂 I am excited to go out and do things today! I have pen pals to write, postcards to register, people to U2U that I received their cards, and maybe the sun will come out today where I will be inspired to walk to the water front. 🙂 I wish we had archery around here that I could just go play, I loved doing that at the camp. This week I have to start really hitting the nursing books 🙂 Time to study for maternal nursing. I also have to get my loans and such approved for school 🙂 These next two weeks are going to be fun!

Time for shower! Can’t wait to tell you more about camp as stuff comes up!

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