Ever get the urge….

Ever get the urge….

To just buy soap? I do… I love the smells of soap! But why does all the good smelling, fresh made, homemade soap have to come in BARS of soap. I don’t use bar soap… but I may have to start because it smells fantastic!

I was wondering around the Metropolitan Market just a quick walk from my flat today with a friend. While she was gandering the aisle for headache meds, I was sniffing the soaps just behind her! They smelled amazing! I just wanted to buy soap, lots of soap, and use that soap all over my body so I smell just as amazing! Frankly, I almost bought some… just because it smelled so amazing! Homemade soap is also apparently difficult to make. Is this true? Oh well, for  now the Metro Market will be my escape to buy (or just smell and wish I could buy) homemade soap that smells like lime zest and just brightens up my nose!


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