A Diva and nurse walk into a bar……

A Diva and nurse walk into a bar……

So yesterday at Zumba, we started class off normally. Instructor struggled with her iPod for a bit, trying to find the right tunes to work our butts off to, and the awkwardness as each of us are standing in a group but nobody wants to talk to anybody. As for me, I don’t like standing around not knowing who I am exercising with… so I greeted the lady next to me, her name is Sarah. I enjoy meeting people when in a group work out, makes my mishaps much more fun!

Well, three songs into the class, I feel an odd sensation in my nether region (for those of you not knowing of my terms, this means vagina). Also, for those of you who do not know, I use one of these things (gander at the picture) during my period time. Now that you know what I use, let me tell you my amazing story that I could not share with anyone at my Zumba class! So, on the third song, this odd sensation in my nethers was my cup slipping out!! THIS NEVER HAPPENS! So, it’s poking its little butt out, and I go skipping/dancing over to the bathroom to fix this little issue! I figure out what the problem is in a few second, it is plum full! No wonder it was slipping out! Never before have I filled up an entire cup, and of course, I did this day! I get the cup fixed, go back and join in my Zumba. I hated not having someone to share this with! I was laughing so hard when I came back, I just found it hilarious! I needed to share it, but nobody would ever be my friend if I did this!

I was going to leave a Facebook status update about it…. but I decided a blog was much for fitting! Though, now I must have disturbed all of you. Also, I will now give a little pitch about the Diva Cup… IT IS WONDERFUL! No tampons or pads needed! If I am expecting to start, all I need is this little guy! Maybe a panty liner or so for the first day, but that is it. Yes, it did slip out this one time, but you are supposed to change it every 12 hours or as needed. And I needed it much sooner than 12 hours this one time! It is not uncomfortable in the least! I don’t feel it in me, it did take a couple of periods to get used to, but I do not think I will go back to tampons anytime soon. It costs $35, much cheaper than buying tampons or pads for a year and safer! It will not put you in danger of toxic shock syndrome. Super easy to put in too, if you aren’t afraid of your own nether region, you should get one. Once the cup is inserted, give it a twist, and it suctions itself to your walls and this is how it does not leak!

Ok, no more Diva Cup talk. Today was my second day of classes, but it feels like the second week. I have to do more reading, but I am thinking of going to yoga tonight, but I am not particularly sure I want to. I might just go use the elliptical for a half hour or so and come back and do my reading. I need to get some movement in my day and might just use the schools gym for tonight. The nursing students all got oriented to their OB locations today. Mine is at Overlake and I can tell I am going to enjoy it. I won’t be able to talk about anything of course (HIPPA), but I will hopefully be able to tell you how I felt that day about what happened and non-essential tasks I did… but nothing about patients (duh).

Today we watched videos of birth, clearly an abstinence promoting tool. Just watch a birth…. see how it treats you. I surely do not want kids squeezed out of me! At one point I actually made a loud “Ahhhhhhhhhh!” noise and the class laughed at me. It was towards a C-section when they spread you all open in the tummy region! THOSE MUSCLES DO NOT NATURALLY MOVE LIKE THAT!! AHHHHHH!!! Though I find the placenta gross and childbirth disgusting, I can’t wait til I am in the delivery room watching for reals! It’s gonna be a great experience. I feel that even though I am completely disgusted by this, I may end up really liking it. Because seriously, it is women going through pain. … and apparently I am a sadist.

Time for me to go and be productive, time to read read read and write down why I want to go to Mercy Ships- Africa and the other choices for our senior trip.



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