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You should not be able to hear it when the professor is talking. I am sitting in class right now and the professor is super quiet! It is very hard to hear what she is saying. Because of this, I don’t want to listen because my brain keeps wandering away towards other things, like Postcrossing. I am so excited to go check my mailbox today! Later, I have my OB class, I’m actually excited to take notes during class and work on my study guide. Also, that professor speaks clearly and I can hear her! That is very important! I am going to be sending out five posts today, I sent out a penpal letter yesterday, and hopefully will receive some posts!

Yes, post cards and letters, oh the joy. I love reading what people have written me and I love seeing the pictures people send!

This year, I’m in the back of class. I like it back here. It’s nicer, can’t hear professors, but I feel that I can wiggle/squirm more. I can also do more of my notes like I do because I do a lot of spreading out all over the desk and floor… and there aren’t a ton of people behind me.

I want coffee *runs to grab an americano*

Ok, BACK TO CLASS! Tonight is a gym class that is pilates/yoga… I’m thinking of going! Should be fun! It is at 730.

Harris and I talked yesterday, I am going to call him over lunch time and hopefully talk to him. I am calling him a little late, but hopefully that is ok with him πŸ™ I feel bad, but I will let him know that I was not feeling well last night and crashed. Talked with him yesterday about quite a bit actually. He asked how often I eat, always an odd topic because I know he eats about once a day. I usually eat 2 times a day, so still once more than him… and my food is most likely more well-balanced with nutrition or whatnot. Although, often times it’s rice with some other thing. Or noodles.

I have been missing the friendships I made in Liberia. The hanging out with the friends til the later hours of the night, being with people who all have the same mission and want to get to know each other because we live with each other. Also, just the Liberians wanting to know us. I miss those friendships. The amount of time I get to talk with Harris is never near enough. I also miss Mary Ann quite a bit. Just everyone, all the kids especially, I miss them.

Time to pay attention to the rest of class now πŸ™‚ I got coffee, I should have some spunk to my awakefulness now.


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