Sometimes I wish life…

Sometimes I wish life…

was like the movies.

The struggling student magically finds some motivation. They finally get that inspiration they need to do what they must to make the ending of this movie we are watching, spectacular. They are struggling, we just went through the dip in the plot, and now it is time for the epic climax. As we start this climb into the climax,we all know the student is going to accomplish what they must and they will have their ridiculously cheesy ending. However, we push away those thoughts of, “Oh, this is just Hollywood” “Too good to be true”. For those few minutes where the music is cranked, the student is focused, and we fly by multiples of scenes where we see a dedicated student; we forget this is a movie. Instead, we wish that we ourselves could be in that student’s shoes. Why? Because, their success comes by in a matter of minutes. Yes, the good people of Hollywood do try to make it seem like days or weeks but it happens in moments, right before our eyes.

I wish my life could be like that right now. Where magically, my fairy motivation monster comes by and dunks me into a vat of inspiration and joy. Please, oh please, oh please bring me my soundtrack to inspire me to do my best and succeed!

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