Toilet water

Toilet water

Most times people take their toilet water for granted. Why? Well, because it flushes down their waste products. However, how do you think our life would be with a toilet that had water. You see, every time I walk into the bathroom the water in my toilet ripples. Reminding me of Jurassic Park when the water would ripple as the T-Rex would approach. (this is making want to have a dinosaur themed dinner/movie night tonight!). However, if you go to any boondocks/third world country there is no toilet water to warn you of an approaching T-Rex that is going to eat you. Also, you kinda have to deal with the smell of your feces and urine.

When I was in Liberia, we didn’t have running water so water had to be brought up to the third floor of our building so we could “flush” the toilet. We were lucky to even have a toilet. Most “housing” didn’t even have that. The school itself even had latrines (outhouses). Even on our third floor, where we had more than most, it still had a definite odor because the water wouldn’t really “leave” the pipes for a while. How blessed we are to have running water. How blessed is this generation! My parents had outhouses when they were growing up, sure they lived in the hills of Virginia, but did you know that some people in the Appalachian region of the United States still don’t have running water at their houses? It’s true, look it up. Also, most of the world does not even have running water. That’s why there are so many well projects! This will at least get them DRINKING water, which is more important than toilet flushing water.

Every time I walk into my bathroom I think of dinosaurs when I see the water rippling. But, after Liberia I also think of people who don’t even have drinking water and here I am blessed enough to have running water to keep my house not smelling of feces. 🙂

That’s what I have been thinking about recently.

1. Stop wasting water– turn off the water while you brush your teeth, take shorter showers, don’t let the water run for TONS of time

2. Don’t buy disposable water bottles, buy reusable or recycle the plastic ones. If you just bought your own water bottle, you’d save yourself money.

3. Drink more water! Enjoy the blessing you have to drink clean water!

4. Also, donate something to a community to have a well. Even if it is only 5 bucks. Support your own well project.

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