Guess what!

Guess what!

FACT: I don’t sit straight on the toilet seat. Nope. I don’t like it… it is so odd. Sitting on the toilet straight just doesn’t seem right to me. A toilet sit is meant to be sat on sideways or diagonal… not straight…. diagonal is the way to go.

Also, I really like stationary! Check out this new stuff I got in the mail in the last week!


Here is some Doodle mix and match stationery… pretty fun!! 🙂 I really like it. The next stationary is I Heart Guts stationary! OH MY GOODNESS HOW MUCH FUN! It’s innards of people and such! You should check out I think it is. It talks about GUTS! My favourite things… your insides! I can’t wait to use them. I also REALLY need to write my penpal, Cindy, a letter in the next day or so. We don’t have school tomorrow, so I will most likely pack up all my stuff very early and head down to the local Starbucks and do homework ALLL day.

I also picked up some “fold-and-mail” stationery from HEY UGLY.

Pretty cool huh! For those who like stationary maybe! I like the way they are. It’s really cool.

Nursing school is going ok. I am working in mother/baby at the moment. This week I was in NICU and the women’s clinic. The NICU was lots of fun, it was slow, but it was pretty fun still. Women’s clinic was really really boring! It was the same thing that we do on the mother/baby floor… just really really really boring.

Alright, it is time for bed. I’m seriously really tired and I am aiming to get lots of homework done tomorrow! I have a lot of projects to get done for Thursday and I really would like to get ahead in some homework life stuff. I need some major encouragement to get this stuff done. … 🙁

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