My so called Life.

My so called Life.

It has been a very long time since I last wrote an update.

School is going ok. OB is over, but now there is this class called Community Health that seriously sucks. The teachers are not the best teachers. They are not very organized, they don’t teach with clear directions, and they expect us to just understand EXACTLY what they are saying with very vague statements. Yes, yes, I realize school sucks and not all teachers are good… but when my grade is in jeopardy because they don’t explain anything very well at all… So, there are things they want us to put on these assignments, that they don’t specifically mention, but I am supposed to READ read READ in between the lines to know they want that? Seems a little unfair. But, now I know how to up my game!

My organization freak skills are  coming out  more and more these last few weeks. I am getting things to help organize, keeping things more organized, and then making neat little piles. With being sick the last few weeks, my house got pretty absurdly gross, and now I am attacking it with full on force.

I had to get a replacement phone for my Droid 3, it was have some issues. But they sent me another one of course and now I am trying to get the new one all set up and awesome. Also, since it has only been two months since I got the phone and it is already having it’s little fits, I have given him a name…

Please meet my phone, Cornelious Bullizzard the Second.  (show Droid 3 picture here). …  You can figure out what they look like! When I get my organizer and little clutch I ordered from Etsy, I will load pictures of those up. I am super excited for them! They are adorable!!! I can’t wait! EEEE!!

Talked to Harris yesterday, was able to let him know I will be coming to Africa in February! Oh did you guys hear!??!!!! We got our placement for our month of transcultural nursing! I will be on the Mercy Ships on the West Coast of Africa! I AM SUPER STOKED! I can’t wait to hear which country we will be going to. They were in Sierra Leone last year! I am seriously really really really hoping it is Liberia we will be going to because  I can see Harris!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Alright, I must get off to class… and pay attention. The next class is Community Health and I must pay attention though it is really easy not to because I don’t understand what they are talking about and there is no order to the class.

Oh, I want a cute kitty!!! TO SNUGGLE WITH!

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