Simple days of being awesome

Simple days of being awesome

Hey everyone who reads this. Today I am sitting down at my usual Starbucks doing my Disaster Relief modules and my Saunders test. 🙂 I have Michael Bolton music in the background (don’t ask why)… I just do. I will be playing Star Wars in the background while doing these in a moment.

My community health rotation is coming to an end and to be frank, I am excited about this. I don’t really like it. I see how important it is, but I am not one to be finding a job in that field if I can help it. My next rotation is at Seattle Children’s. I am going to have fun there I do believe.

Last post was a video blog, and Kyle commented that I should make a Jayne hat from Firefly for my next crochet project. Here is a pic of it

With Jayne of course 🙂 I suppose I can work on this next. He looks ridiculous! Bahahahaha. I might have to make my hats more fluffy than they typically make beanies. I don’t like snug beanies. I have a fat head, so I like bigger fitting beanies. I do want to make some llamas as well.

that is just too cute 🙂 Plus, attach little hats on two of them and then you have… Llamas with Hats 🙂

Who would not want to have llamas with hats in their room? especially Carl 🙂

Ok, time for me to do my Saunder’s test and my Disaster relief stuff. Geez, being a disaster relief personnel sounds actually kinda fun. Like, I could do that. 🙂

🙂 I bit lots of holes in them! That’s the sound of people drowning Carl!! That is what forgiveness sounds like, screaming then silence.

Ok, What ideas do you have for me for crochet? Also, remember postcards! I will reply as soon as I have time! Check out

🙂 <3

Also, don’t forget the “Big, sexy hook.”

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