You deserve an update .

You deserve an update .

Hi everyone who reads about my life! I have been SUUUUUUPPPPEREEERRRR busy with school, like… crazy busy. You should see my homework list I have to finish all before tomorrow 🙁 It is gross. However, over the weekend I spent about 2 hours making me an inspiration board. I found a lot of things off Pinterest that really struck me as helpful in my endeavor to lose my post-anorexic weight, the healthy way. Not starving myself this time around you anorexic monster you!! TAKE THAT!

What I found to put on the board was quotes (just a few), exercise routines, some stuff to do when I want a study break such as little ab or leg work outs that don’t take long and make a perfect break time blood booster, some recipes for stuff to pamper myself like face masks and oil massages for my hair, and then I just decorated it with words of “why” I am doing this.  I also printed out a sheet of paper of 100 top healthy foods and have decided I am going to do my best to keep with those food sources. I need a schedule and I am excited to get out of my rut. I wasn’t doing too well, exercising 2 maybe 3 times a week, doing only elliptical… but now, I have a plan, I have ideas, and I am doing my best to keep myself motivated. I would really just like a friend to go do these things with. 🙁 Oh well, my friend will be me!

School is crazy, we basically have two weeks of finals and I am so excited to be done with them!


(a week later) Yes, I stopped writing this and now, a week later, I am finally finishing it off! But, there is a lot more of stuff to tell you all now!

1. I passed my first semester of my senior year of nursing school 🙂 I AM SO CLOSE TO GOING TO TOGO! In January it is a month of 13 credits… CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! 13 in three weeks! AH! But right after that, it is on to TOGO AFRICA!

3. I sent out over 30 postcards yesterday! OH MY GOODNESS! Two letters are done too!

4. Over the break I will be crocheting, organizing, and really trying to not go crazy. As well as going to the gym.

5. There may be relaxin in here but I am really not sure.

6. I found this new natural sleep aid, valerian root, hopefully it works

Ook, so I have TONS of postcards to scan in and load up to Letters From the World… however I may just scan my favourites in and load those up because I really don’t think I can load them all up.

I honestly just feel like being lazy the rest of tonight, sleeping…. mainly. I love sleeping.

Leave comments about what I should talk about next please 🙂 Thanks!

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  1. Hey thanks! Nursing school is a killer but I have to continue doing the things I love or I would HATE school.
    Thanks a lot for following! I love having followers, it helps me update my blog more. 🙂 Over the breaks I always update them more though, so you’re in luck for now!

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