Week one Down, two more to go.

Well, this was the first week of my last semester of nursing school!!! We have so much to get done in the next 19 days! Then, WE ARE OFF TO AFRICA! Well, I am along with three other classmates while the rest go to other parts of the world for their semester abroad 🙂 I have a lot to get done this weekend, so thank God it is a three-day weekend! Hahaha, I want to get a good start on a huge paper we have, then I have to do a portion of our strategic plan paper for our group project as well as start on some curriculum, read chapters and pages for miscellaneous classes, and whatever else gets thrown my way.

Last night a few of the girls came over for a movie! WOO! We watched Spirited Away! I loved it!! We also make Asian food 🙂 Rebecca brought fixings for spring rolls, I made up brown rice as well as chocolate chip cookie dough ( I know, so Asian), and then ShinHye brought the Japanese curry! It was such a good meal 🙂 It was also great company 🙂 We are going to do another movie night this upcoming Friday, either pizza, pasta or burritos!! WOOO! Such a great idea, I should have started this last semester.

I have been having a lot of nightmares recently… seriously, horrible waking nightmares, I am surprised my neighbors have not called cops or something because I have been waking up screaming. I don’t know whats going on. I haven’t relived anything, and I haven’t been watching scary movies. Sheesh. Oh well, I will have to deal with it as it comes.

I have worked out everyday this week! I started doing DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) with hand weights! Makes it so much fun and my arms are hurting while I am supposed to be dancing, so that distracts me from my steps… so I have to challenge myself a little more to focus and ignore the pain! Hahaha, I have loved it. I have also been doing a mile everyday on a treadmill and when I am doing a gym workout, 3 miles on the elliptical. 🙂 I love being this active, it  has been helping my face out a ton by keeping it clear from a lot of acne 🙂 I also need to decrease my chocolate intake… but I love my nightly little chocolate square! Maybe just every other day I can  have it.

I have to send out 6 postcards for a trade with someone who gave me a lot of stationary! Gorgeous stationary too. I am just having difficulties picking out some postcards for her. I don’t know what she wants! I will figure it out though, I really need to get those sent out this week. I am excited for the post office to start releasing new stamps with their new increase on posts. I understand why they have to raise prices, sucks, but at least we can get some new cute stamps!! Hahaha, I like to little my cards with stamps of different styles. I also enjoy buying stamps off ebay because they are the old licky stamps… so fun!

Alright, gotta get back to homework. Oh, and it snowed today, but it has all basically melted now 🙂



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