Don’t take your friends for granted.

Don’t take your friends for granted.

End of story.

I am living alone right now and it has been hard because I love people. However, I do enjoy not living with Tyler. I have been able to have more friends over now that he is no longer here. I have had movie  nights with my nursing cohort girls, friends over to watch movies, and tonight I am doing a game night with friends. I am a loner and only child…. but I need you guys. You are my friends. Sometimes just having someone close to do homework with is all I need. Just a person to sit in the house, work on homework at my desk or with me at the table, and just be.

I think everyday we should take time out for friends, but I have loved having game and movie nights with you guys.

So, don’t forget to hug a friend today. When things go bad, don’t ditch your friends. They are humans and have feelings. Friends will stick together through thick and thin. I often wish I could have  “How I Met Your Mother” friendships, or even a life that is portrayed on “Parenthood”. However, this is the actual real life, but I love how “Parenthood” makes the emotions and scenarios so realistic to what real people can go through. People go through some tough (pardon) shit together. However, when that stuff hits the fan, friends don’t bail. A friend will stick with you, make sure you’re ok, and love you through and through. Sure friends will need time to heal, but don’t abandon your friends. Don’t hold grudges. Let the past be the past and move on and correct things. We have one life to live, don’t waste it by being mad, upset, and grouchy with one another. Remember to respect your friends, serve them, help them, love them for who they are, and be someone you would want to be a friend with. We all have our issues, our flaws, our weaknesses, but friends will love us no matter the demons we deal with.

I am a hard person to be a friend with. I have walls/boundaries that are super hard to get through. I have huge concrete barriers topped with barbed wire, broken glass, water, and electricity….. however, there are hidden doors that I open for people to come in and see what a beautiful garden I have in those walls. I am the human secret garden 😛 However, I’m honest. I won’t lie to  you and I will treat you with the respect you deserve… I also won’t abandon you or leave you. I will do my best to remain friends.


Also, today was another snow day!!! SUCH A FUN DAY TOO! We took a walk.. I love walks in the snow (even though it can kill me!!).  More later, friends are coming over for games…. and I have a paper to work on.

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