Africa 2012, Togo, Mercy Ship.

Africa 2012, Togo, Mercy Ship.

Alright!! So here is the run down.

We got in on Friday at 8pm. We came to the team house, had dinner, unpacked, went to bed. I am pretty sure Steena and I stayed up and only had an hour nap the entire 26+ish hours we were traveling… (I also think my math is off on how long we travel). The flights were fun, Steena and I sat next to each other ALL the time, slept on each other, or leaned on each other, talked, watched movies, and journaled.. hahaha, it was a good trip. Much better with someone who is fun to talk with and be around and not by yourself.

Saturday, relax! Get used to climate, come to ship. 🙂 Guess who is in love!!! Me. 🙂 Of course aye? this ship is like camp, but camp with people from all ages and 36 different countries. Best camp EVAR! I had some rice that was cooked with beef in it for lunch.. so I had to go lay down due to upset tummy. But dinner was potatoes… and coffee… yea… coffee… I kinda want to go up to the mess hall right now and get me some coffee… 🙂

There is a Starbucks on deck, however it is not like our American ones. It is by donation (the beans and such) only, and doesn’t have a HUGE menu. Also, Steena and I may volunteer there a couple of nights for kicks. 🙂

This morning (Sunday) we went to African church 🙂 Guess who can keep up with the rhythm. .. ??? ME! Not Steena. Jenn got sick though, so we had to leave early to take her back to the team house. Once we got back, settled in, Steena and I decided coming to the ship would be a good idea instead of hanging around the team house all day. So Frank and Reka brought us here (yes we get to be transported around again) —also the ship is rocking 🙂 I LIKEY!—-On our way Steena and I got coconuts… MmmMMMMMmmmm, so tasty!


Alright, there was my list of things we did…

I am so freakin excited to be here. I am home again!! Just seeing the life on the ship, the life of a missionary… I kinda see my future down the way. 🙂 I definitely want to do something like this. Hopefully once I start doing my clincals I really feel like I am where I am suppose to be. My life is changing, Tyler no longer wants to be married to me, so he is no longer in my future plans. Oh how I hoped we could do stuff like this together, him as an engineer and me as a nurse. But, that is no longer happening. I might as well start planning for my future as my own AWESOME self :)It is hard to do. For the last couple of years, I have been planning this type of future with Tyler in mind. … and now to switch it all again, I am having to do some wrestling inside myself to figure out what I really want without a significant other involved. I do believe healing has started. I have not cried anymore *, I have not been sad. I remember the good times.

*I was talking with Steena about Tyler’s and I’s first date out at Gas Works Park… he kissed me… and that was the man I wanted to be with… I started crying then, because I really do love him. I really wanted to be with him. I would NOT change anything other than what happened to bring me to that ultamatum. By end it or fix it, I did not mean end it. However, through all this, he no longer wants to be part of my life and I will respect that.

I have a lot in store for myself. I don’t sit still, I don’t back down. I am a confident and awesome person. My future is bright and I plan on (just like I always do anyway) taking my life by its horns and making it what it is suppose to be.

I’m awesome. True story.

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